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(  )21.Her teacher’s words and ideas have a great ______ on her.
A.conversation B.treat C.influence D.request
(  )22.—How do you like the dress
—I think it’s neither big nor small.And I like ______ style.But black doesn’t suit me.
A.it B.itself C.its D.it’s
(  )23.—______ beautiful the flowers are!
—Yes.I’d like to take some photos of them.
A.What a B.What C.How D.How a
(  )24.Germany is ______ European country and China is ______ Asian country.
A.a;a B.a;an C.an;a D.an;an
(  )25.If you can’t finish selling these houses on time,I’m afraid that the boss will be angry and ______ you.
A.treat B.hit C.encourage D.punish
(  )26.Do remember that ______ careful you are,______ mistakes you will make.
A.the more;the fewer B.the fewer;the more
C.the more;the more D.the less;the fewer
(  )27.I’ll come to see you this evening ______ I can stay only for a few minutes.
A.as if B.so that C.because D.even though
(  )28.Metro(地铁) Line 12 will go around Wuchang,Hanyang and Hankou.It will be more ______ to travel around Wuhan.
A.interesting B.expensive C.convenient D.difficult
(  )29.—Did you ______ to study English by ______ English movies
—Yes,it helped me a lot.
A.used;watching B.use;watching
C.used;watch D.use;watch
(  )30.—What do you think a teacher is required _____
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