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( )1. Mike likes playing ____ golf while I like playing _____ piano .
A. the, the B. a , a C. / , the D. the , /
( )2."It depends on my ___decision."the father said and looked at his daughters.
A. children B. children’s C. child D. child’s
( )3.When we meet some new words, we’d better ______ in a dictionary.
A. look out them B. look them out C. look them up D. look up the
( )4."Alice, ____do you study for a test"
--- _____reading the textbook.
A. how; By B . how; With C . why; By D. why; With
( )5.Th e best way _____ English is to use it as often as you can.
A. to learn B. learning C. learn D. learns
( )6. Would you mind me how this physics problem
A. telling; to solve B. telling; solve C. to tell; to solve D. to tell; solve
( )7. _____ he was tired , ____ he didn’t stop working .
A. Although ; but B. Though; / C. But ; / D. Though ; but
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