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1. A. It was sunny. B.I went to Dalian. C. Yes, I did.
2. A. Once a week. B. Four times. C. Last week.
3. A. Tina is more beautiful than Tom. B. Tom is friendlier than Tina.
C. Tina is shier than Tom.
4. A. The Huangpu River. B. The Yellow River. C. The Changjiang River.
5. A. I can’t stand it B. I watched it yesterday. C. I watch it once a week.
1. A. Yes, she does. B. No, she didn’t. C. Yes, she did.
2. A. In class . B. After class. C. On the weekend.
3. A. Her old friend . B. Her English teacher. C. Her classmate.
4. A. Because it has the biggest screen.
B. Because we can sit the most comfortably.
C. Because it has the best service.
5. A. It’s wonderful. B. It’s boring. C. She doesn’t mind it.
1. _________ 2. __________ 3. _________ 4. __________ 5. _________
1. What color is Betty’s skirt
A. Red. B. Yellow. C. Green.
2. How much is Betty’s skirt
A. 150 yuan. B. 150 dollars. C. 50 yuan.
3. ____ can’t stand the film.
A. Mark. B. Mark’s sister. C. Mark’s parents.
4. Dali cinema has ______.
A. the best service. B. the cheapest ticket. C. the best quality.
5. Mark goes to the cinema _____.
A.every day. B. once a week. C. twice a month.Ⅴ、听短文,选择正确的答案。(5分)
1. Mary thinks sitcoms are _______.
A. interesting. B. boring.C. enjoyable.
2. ______ are Mary’s favorite program.
A. Talk shows. B. Soap operas. C. Sports shows.
3. Mary likes watching sports matches ______.
A. on TV. B. on the Internet. C. in books.
4.Mary likes _____.
A. women’s volleyball. B. women’s football. C. men’s volleyball.
5. Mary is good at______.
A. volleyball. B. table tennis. C. basketball.
二、基础知识 (25分)
1.I like playing the piano ,so I want to be a p______ when I grow up .
2.Mickey Mouse is a f______ cartoon character.
3.Can you give me a piece of p_______ I want to write something on it..
4.I like watching the n_____, because I want to find out what’s going on around the world.
5.—I like to play volleyball. What’s your h___________
—I like singing.
6.My mother goes shopping _____________ (one) a week.
7.Sam is__________ (outgoing) than Tom.
8. I think the story is ___________ (education). Please read it again.
9. My parents expect me________(do) the housework today.
10. Who won the __________ (sing) competition yesterday
11.—Where are you going for vacation,John —I plan_______ to Dalian.
A. go B. going C. went D. to go
12. ---What do you think of the country music
---_____. It really makes me happy.
A. I don’t mind it. B. I don’t like it.
C. I can’t stand it. D. I like it so much.
13. Richard and I have one thing _______ common. We both like swimming.
with B. of C. for D. in
14..The old man is very healthy. I think he will live______.
A.to be 100 years old B.100 years old
C.at 100 years old D.in 100 years old
15. _______ you speak, _______ your English will be.
A. The less; the more B. The more; the better
C. The less; the better D. The more; the less
16.The TV program was very______ and we all got______.
A.bored;bored B.boring;boring
C.bored;boring D.boring;bored
17."________do you_________ sitcoms"
"I love them."
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