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( )28.--What are you going to give your mother for her birthday
--I’m not sure. But I’ll buy her ________.
something special B. anything special C. special something D. special anything
( )29. --Would you like some more dumplings
--Yes, just _______, please.
a little B. a few C. quite a few D. quite a little
( )30. This kind of book is __________ for children to read.
enough well B. enough good C. well enough D. good enough
( )31. --Where did you go _______ vacation
--Nanchang. I stayed there ______ three days.
on; in B. to; for C. for; in D. on; for
( )32. --Do you know Nick, Lucy
--Of course. He’s so famous. ________ he has no arms and no legs, _________ he can look after himself well and travel all over the world.
Although; but B. Because; / C. Although; / D. Because; so
( )33.--______ do you watch TV
--Almost every day.
How long B. How often C. How much D. How soon
( )34.--What is Tom interested in
--He is interested in sports, _______ basketball, soccer and tennis.
as for B. such as C. at least D. less than
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