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( )26. —________ do you go to the movies?
—Once a month.
A.How long B.How soon C.How many D.How often
( )27.Exercising is good ________ our health.
A.for B.at C.to D.with
( )28.—Is this schoolbag different ________ that one?
—No.That schoolbag is the same ________ this one.
A.as;from B.with;as C.from;with D.from;as
( )29.The coat is ________that I can't afford it.
A.so small B.so expensive
C.cheap enough D.very large
( )30. We'd better wait ________more minutes.I think Jeff will come soon.
A.a few B.few C.a little D.little
( )31.Bob spends a lot of money on books________ he is not rich.
A.if B.though C.when D.because
( )32.—I think physics is as ________as English.
—I don't think so.I feel English is much easier.
A.useful B.important C.difficult D.interesting
( )33. —Do you care about your parents?
—Yes,of course.________ in my life is more important than them.
A.Something B.Nothing C.Anything D.Everything
( )34. —Do you often swim,Jack?
—No,________.I don't like swimming at all.
A.never B.often C.usually D.always
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