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( ) 21. Now all the Chinese are working hard for their dreams. We believe that in ______ near
future, people can see ______ even stronger China.
A. the; a B. the; an C. a; the D. a; an
( ) 22. -Can you show me how to use the new cooker
-Sorry, I’m busy now. Why don’t you read the _____
A. instructions B. information C. news D. tips
( ) 23. -Mum, can I have a cake
-Sorry, there is _____ left. There is ____ to eat at home. We need to do some shopping today.
A. none; none B. nothing; none C. nothing; nothing D. none; nothing
( ) 24. You should _____ a brighter light here to make the room a better place to study.
A. put on B. put off C. put away D. put in
( ) 25. -How long did it _____ you to decorate your Christmas tree, Judy
-I _____ about half an hour decorating it.
A. take; cost B. cost; spent C. take; spent D. spend; take
( ) 26. Mike had one month_______ last summer and he took a course_______ DIY.
A. off; in B. for; about C. in; in D. away; about
( )27. Our hometown Hai’an is really nice! The air quality(质量) is as good as ______ of Sanya.
A. it B. one C. that D. the ones
( ) -Excuse me, but can you tell me where the
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