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二、 单项选择 (每小题1分, 满分20分)21. John is _______honest boy and everybody believes ________ he says.
A. a; that B. an; what C. a; what D. an; that
22. The book makes me feel________. I think it is one of ________ books.
A. bored; boring B. boring; bored C. boring; the most boring D. bored; the most boring
23. The cake smells so _____ and the boy is looking ______at it.
A. nicely; happily B. nicely; happy C. nice; happily D. nice; happy
24. Lucy’s grandmother is _______. She can’t look after her_______ pet dog.
A. 75-year-old; 11 months old B. 75 years old; 11-month-old
C. 75-year-old; 11-months-old D. 75 year old; 11 month old
25—— Look at the sign. It says “No Smoking”.
——Sorry, I will _______ the cigarette(香烟) soon.
A. put off B. put in C. put out D. put up
26.——What’s your best friend like ——_______________________
A. He is fine. Thank you. B. He is a doctor.
C. He likes watching TV. D. He is helpful and generous.
27—Great building! What is it for
—It _______ a hotel. I saw some people walk in with their suitcases but I’m not very sure.
A. must be B. have to be C. may be D. can be
28. When I was a child, my mother often left me ________ at home.
A. by me B. by myself
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