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( )21.---I think English is ______ unimportant subject.
---I don’t think so. It is _______useful tool when we talk with foreigners.
A. a, an B. an, a C. a, a D. an, an
( )22. ---Did you go to the cinema last night
---No. _________ seeing a film, I just stayed at home and watched TV.
A. But B. So C. Instead D. Instead of
( )23. We all like to make friends with people, because no one likes to hear lies.
A. patient B. polite C. generous D. honest
( )24. —Which do you think is , Chinese or English
—It’s hard to say. I think Chinese is as as English.
A. interesting, interesting B. more interesting, interesting
C. interesting, more interesting D. more interesting, more interesting
( )25. They are clever men. It took them ________ time to do _______ jobs.
A. less, more B. more, less C. less, less D. more, more
( )26. They often had fun ______ ball games before. But now they have no time ______ after-school activities.
A.playing, doing B. to play, doing C. to play, to do D. playing, to do
( )27. --- I’d like to buy Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times.
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