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unit1-unit6书面表达 Unit1 Can you play the guitar? (用can表达能力)①写招聘广告 ②根据招聘广告写介绍个人信息(兴趣爱好、能力等) ①请根据下面信息招聘广告。学校需要8名音乐人,要求会唱歌、跳舞、会弹钢琴、吉他、拉小提琴等;联系人Selina,联系电话:569-2048 Musician Wanted for School Music Festival Our school music Festival is May 15th . We need 8 musincians . Can you sing ? Can you dance ? Can you play the piano ? Can you play the guitar? Can you play the violin or the drums?What can you do?Come and show you.Please call Selina at 5692048. ②假如你是黄俊,你们学校的音乐俱乐部招聘新会员,请根据以下表格内容介绍你自己的情况 Name Huangjun Age 13 What can you do? I can sing. I can play the piano .I can dance. Why do you want to join ? It is interesting and fun. Telephone Number 8863599 Hi!My name is Huangjun. I am 13 years old. I like music very much. I can sing . I can play the piano. I can dance too.Because I think they are interesting and fun. My telephone number is 8863599.I want to join the music club. Unit2 what time do you go to school? (根据给出的信息写出一天的活动情况) 假如你是Tony,根据下表的信息,说说你的学习和生活情况。 6:30am get up 5:40pm go home 7:00am go to school 6:45pm eat dinner 7:45am have lessons 8:00pm do my homework 12:20am have lunch 9:45pm go to bed Hi ! My name is Tony.In the morning,I often get up at 6:30am .Then I always go to school at 7:00am. At 7:45am,I have lessons.For lunch , I have lunch at 12:20am.I like to eat healthy food.Because it is good for my health.In the afternoon,I go home at 5:40pm.Then I eat diner at 6:45pm. After dinner,I do my homework at 8:00pm.At 9:45pm, I go to bed. Unit3 How do you get to school? (表达交通方式,到某地的距离及所需要的时间) 假如你是peter下面是你班的同学从家到学校上学方式,根据下面信息写短文 I Tony Mary Cindy walk bike bus train 5km(20minute) 3km(15minute) 4km(15minute) 10km(20minute) Hi! My name is Peter. I am 13 years old. I am a student. Tony, Mary and Cindy are my classmates. How do they go to school? I walk to school every day. It is 5 kilometers form my homework toschool. It takes me 20 minutes. Tony ride his bike to school. It is 3 kilometers form his homework to school.It takes him 15 minutes. Mary goes to school by bus. It is 4 kilometers form her homework to school. It takes her 15 minutes. Cindy takes the train to school. It is 10 kilometers form her homework to school. It takes her 10 minutes. Unit4 Don't eat in class 用祈使句谈论校规(school rules)、班规(class rules)、家规(family rules)。根据给出的规则用“ have to , must, can't”写短文 以My school为题写短文 1、上课不许迟到 2、上课要保持安静 3、在学校要穿校服 4、不许在教室吃东西 5、男生不许留长发 6、不许在课堂上听音乐,玩游戏。 I am Mary. I am not happy. Because there are too many rules in our school.we can't be late for school. We must be quiet in class.We have to wear uniform at school.We can't eat in the classroom. For boys ,we can't keep long hair.We can't listen to music and play computer games in class. But these rules help us. We must follow the rules. Unit5 Why do you like pandas? 描述你喜欢的动物,从动物(名字、年龄、国籍、喜好、性格特征等方面写) Name BeiBei(panda) Age 4 Form China Favorite food bamboo Appearance(外貌、个性) Black and white , smart and shy Live Beijing Zoo My favorite animals are pandas. This is a cute panda. Her name is BeiBei. She is 4. She is beautiful.She is form China . Her favorite food is bamboo. She is black and white. I like it very much. Because it is smart .But she is kind of shy .She live in Beijing Zoo. Do you want to see her? Unit6 I'm watching TV. ( 用现在进行时描写正在进行的动作或活动) 现在是下午5点,你和你的同学在干什么呢?向大家介绍一下。 Name What is she ∕he doing? Lucy Doing homework Daming Talking with the teacher Jim Cleaning the classroom Cindy Play blasketball It is 5 :00.What are my classmates doing now ? Lucy is doing his homework..She always studies very hard . Daming is talking with the teacher .He likes his teacher. Jim is cleaning the classroom.What is Cindy doing? Cindy is playing soccer.She likes sports very much. PAGE / NUMPAGES
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