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[ID:4-4608514] 河南省驻马店市确山县2017-2018学年七年级英语下学期期中试题(Word版,含听 ...

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从A. B. C.D四个选项中选出一个擐佳解案,井将其标号填入期酊的括峙内。
( ) 21.Thcre is _ elephant in the zoo. _ elephant can draw well.
A. a; An B. an; The C./; The D. an; A
( ) 22.How does he feel when his mother is very strict _ him
A. to B.in C.with D. for
( ) 23. The _ girl is playing chess with her grandfather.
A.7-years-old B.7 years old C.7-year-old D.7 year old
( ) 24. --- _ is it from the bus station to the train station
--- It’s about three kilometers.
A. How much B. How far C. How long D. How soon
( ) 25. Lily is _ .She is afraid of talking to us. She keeps quiet all day.
A. scary B. shy C. cute D. smart
( ) 26.The fish hamburger _ good. I want to buy two more.
A. makes B. tastes C. sounds D. gets
( ) 27.Work hard(努力) and your dream will(将) _ .
A. come in B. come from C. come out D. come true
( ) 28.Here are your sweater and trousers. Please _ quickly.
A. watch TV B. go to bed C. get dressed D. do the dishes
( ) 29.--- We can’t eat in the classroom.
--- We can’t, _ .
A. too B. also C. either D. only
( ) 30. --- Do you often(纽常) go to
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