[ID:4-4529576]福建省厦门市湖滨中学2017-2018学年第二学期 七年级英语期中试题(含答案)
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16. Tom can play _____ chess, but he can’t play ____ violin.
A. a; a B. a; the C. /; the
17. – I think Ms Read is a good teacher.
– Sure she is! She is good ________ children of different ages.
A. with B. for C. at
18. – What do you usually do in the evenings
– Well, I ________ watch TV or take a walk around..
A. either B. like C. also
19. Little Jenny always eats ice-cream after dinner because it _______ good, though is bad for her.
A. looks B. smells C. tastes
20. –________is it from your home to the ferry
– About 20 minutes’ walk.
A. How far B.How long C.How much
21. –Please be careful to ________ the road when the traffic light is green.
–Thanks, I will.
A.go B.pass C. cross
22. -- What a nice model car!You are wonderful.
-- Thanks a lot. It always _____ me the whole day to make such a model.
A. spends B. takes C. costs
23. —Hey, Peter, Don’t run in the hallways. — ____________.
A. Yes, I will. B. That’s OK C. Oh, sorry
24. —Lions are very ____, but many children like them. —But I don’t like them at all.
A. scary B.friendly C. shy
25. —What ______ do you like —I like
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