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In the USA, the school bus is a popular way for children to get to school. There are about 480,000 __16__ school buses in the country. In 1939, yellow became(成为) the color of school buses __17__ the color helped warn(警告) other cars. A yellow bus and black letters on it are easy to __18__ in the early morning.21·世纪*教育网
On the school bus, __19__ can listen to music, talk on the phone or just sleep. But they __20__ put things in the aisle(过道). They should keep their hands and arms in the bus. It is not a good idea to __21__ to the bus driver, because he/she can't drive well when he/she is talking.21*cnjy*com
These days, school buses are more popular(受欢迎的) in China, too.
Wang Li, a student from Beijing Chaoyang Middle School, __22__ a school bus to school since(自从) September. It __23__ her about 40 minutes to get to school every morning. “It's a lot more interesting than taking the subway, because you sit with your classmates. __24__ it saves(节省) a lot of time. So we all __25__ the school bus,” the 12­year­old girl said.

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