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( )21.—Darling, shall we have walk
—I’d love to, but I don’t think I have energy.
A.a,the B. the,the C.不填,the D.a,不填
( )22.—How can I express my love for my mother
—Make a card and draw a of heart on it.
tape B. shape C. design D. model
( )23.—Someone called you just now.
—I know, But I was busy at that moment .When I called back ,there was no .
voice B. sound C. answer D. reply
( )24.—How much juice is there in the fridge
— .Let’s go to the supermarket and buy some after supper.
None B. Nothing C. Nobody D. Neither
( )25.—Do you think young people should their seats to the old.
—Yes, because everyone will be old one day.
lend B. show C. offer D. provide
( )26.Father brought his little boy to a concert. But he was too young to sit the whole concert.
for B. with C. during D. through
( )27.Mrs.Li,will you be angry your students don’t keep the rules in class.
until B.unless C. even though D. if
( )28.Miho is student because she was born later than anyone else in her class.
young B. the youngest C. younger D. the younger
( )29.That one mistake almost him his life.
took B. paid C. cost D. spent
( )30.—Joe, how is your work going
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