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第一卷 客观题

( )1. His son isn’t ___________ everything well.
A. carefully enough to plan B. enough careful to plan
C. enough carefully to plan D. careful enough to plan
( )2. This is ____ public place for us to do some reading. Don’t talk or laugh loudly in ____ public.
A. a; a B. the; a C. a; / D. /; /
( )3.This kind of bamboo can be used ________a fishing pole(竿).
A. for B. as C. to D. by
( )4.He almost spent all his money on the books in the bookshop yesterday, so he had to walk home because he couldn’t ____ a taxi.
A. afford the money to buy B. afford to take
C. afford taking D. afford the money by
( )5.— You shouldn’t do your homework too late tonight.
— Thanks. ____. I will go to bed earlier.
A. No pain, no gain B. I believe practice makes perfect
C. Many hands make light work D. I won’t burn the candle at both ends
( )6. Many people do not realize the importance of health they have fallen ill.
A. since B. until C. while D. after
( )7. It’s kind the man to donate her corneas (眼角膜) three people in need.
A. of; to B. for; to C. of; for D. for; for
( )8. Checking your answers before handing in your paper can help you mistakes.
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