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(   )21. ---What’s _____with you? ---I have a cold.
A. matter B. a matter C. the trouble D. the wrong
(   )22. Linda has to see the doctor because she ________.
A.has fun B.has a look C.has a sore neck D.has a good time
(   )23. Look out!The ball may ________ you!
A.cut B.hit C.run D.hurts
(  )24._____your program,we got to know each other and became close friends.
A.As for B.After all C.Thanks to D.Above all
(   )25.Let`s _____at the next stop ,Jack .The shopping center is just there.-- No,problem.
A.get on B.get off C.take off D.put off
(   )26.—Does Jane have________ fever?
—Yes,she does. I think she should go to________ hospital.
A.an;/ B.a;the C./;a D.the;an
(   )27.—What's the matter?
—My friend hurt her________. She can hardly walk.
A.hand B.neck C.knee D.throat
( )28.—Look at this model ship.I made it all by ____ last week.—Wow,you are so smart!
A.me   B.my   C.mine   D.myself
( )29.You ________ drive your car so fast.It's very dangerous.
A.wouldn't B.shouldn't C.couldn't D.mightn't
( )30.He ________ the taxi and walked home.
A.got on B.got up C.got off D.got into
( )31.________ our surprise,Larry came here earliest today.
A.To B.With C.Without D.In
( )32.We have to ________ the party because some of the guests can not arrive on time.
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