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( ) 21. What honest boy! And he is best student of all.
A .a; a B .an; / C. a; the D. an, the
( ) 22. --What’re you ____________
-- My husband’s health problem ___________ me a lot.
A. worrying, worries B. worried, worries
C. worried about, worries about D. worrying about, worries
( ) 23. The students have about twenty days ______for Spring Festival every year.
A on B. out C. in D. off
( ) 24. Can you finish the work well with ______ money and _____ people.
A. less; less B. less; more C. more; fewer D. less; fewer
( ) 25. __________ number of the students in our class __________ 40. A. The , is B. The, are C. A, is D. A, are
( ) 26. Strangely, the boys in our class can sing _____________ than the girls.
A. more beautiful B. much beautifully
C. much more beautifully D. much more beautiful
( ) 27. Betty writes __________ than __________ student in her class.
A. more carefully; any B. more carefully; any other
C. more careful; any other D. more carefully; the other
( ) 28. Beijing is one of ________ in the world.
A. the most beautiful cities B. the most beautiful countries
C. the very beautiful cities D. the very beautiful countries
( ) 29. The old horse can’t run _______ before.
A.as quick as B. so quick as C. so quickly as D. so quickly than
( ) 30. Of the two coats, the girl choose __________ one.
A.less expensive B.the most expensive C.the less expensive D.the least expensive
( ) 31. We had a good time ________ TV yesterday, but Simon had no time ________ TV.
A. to watch; to watch B. watching; watching
C. to watch; watching D. watching; to watch
( ) 32. The trip from the school _____ about half an hour by coach. It was too ______.
A. spends, bored B. takes, bored C.spent, boring D. took, boring
( ) 33. Lisa is a little poor at Chinese. I think she needs _________ it every day.
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