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( )21.— Who is _____ woman in front of the classroom
—The one with ____umbrella She is our Chinese teacher.
A. a; the B. the ; an C. a ;an D. the ; a
( )22. --- What do you think of the film Book of love
--- I think it’s ________, but my brother says it’s_________
A. good enough; bored B. enough good; boring
C. good enough; boring D. enough good; bored.
( )23. — When ________ you free last week
— Well, I ________ have a free day because there was too much work.
A. did; didn’t B. were; didn’t C. were; wasn’t D. did; wasn’t
( )24.— Dad, why should I stop _______ computer games
— For your study, my boy. You must stop_______ your homework now.
A. to play; to do B. playing; doing C. to play; doing D. playing; to do
( )25.—What kind of house would you like
—I’ d like _______ with _______ garden in front of _______.
A. it; a; one B. one; /; one
C. one; a; it D. one; /; it
( )26. I often hear Daniel ________English at home. Yesterday, I saw him ________with Tom on the playground on my way home.
A. reading, playing B. read, playing C. read, play D. reading, play
( )27.Mos
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