[ID:4-4936019] [精]2018学年牛津深圳版七年级上册英语第一次月考试题(含听力原文和答案)
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第二节 单项选择(共10小题,每小题l分,共10分)
( )21. Are you good at ______ or playing basketball
A. swimming B. to swim C. swim D. swims
( )22. My house is far away ______ from the school.
A. to B. with C. at D. from
( )23. – Could you show me _______ dress
-- Sure. What about _______ blue one on your right
A. a; the B. a; a C. the; a D. the; the
( )24.一Is it difficult to make friends ______ people from a different country
— No, as long as (只要) you learn to respect them.
A.with B.for C.to D. by
( )25.My favorite sport is table tennis. I play it ______ after school.
twice week B. twice a week C. once week D. one time week
( )26.When the bell ______ , all the students get out of the classroom.
is ring B. ring C. ringing D. rings
( )27. Our morning break ______ at 9:20 and ______ at 9:45.
begins; ends B. begin; ends C. begin; end D. begins; end
( )28. It’s good for us to drink ______ every day.
A. two glass milk B. two glasses of milk C. two milks D. two glass of milk
( )29. My younger sister enjoy______ picture books.
A. to read B. read C. reading D. reads
( )30.-- ______ are you looking for
-- My English textbook.
what B. which C. who D. why
第三节 语法填空(共10小题,每小题1.5分,共15分)
My uncle works in a shop.It’s near an English 31 . Every day the students come to 32 things.
In the 33 my uncle gets up at six o’clock and after breakfast he 34 his bike to the shop. He
35 there at about ten to seven. The shop 36 at seven o’clock.The shop sells things like 37
and drink.It has school things, too. So there 38 a lot of people in the shop from morning to evening.My uncle is very 39 . He is friendly to the students and the students 40 him very much.
( )31.A.farm B.factory C.school D. home
( )32.A.buy B.sell C.take D. spend
( )33.A.afternoon B.evening C.morning D. night
( )34.A.drives B.flies C.rides D. by
( )35.A.goes B.gets C.stays D. comes
( )36.A.opens B.closes C.sees D. opened
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