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( )21. That is ________ basketball. I like playing_______ basketball very much.
A. a; the B. a; / C. a ; a D. / ; /
( ) 22. — your classmates nice
— Yes, .
A. Do; they do B. Does; they does C. Are; they are D. Is; they is
( ) 23. Many people know Zhang Bichen in the Voice of China(中国好声音).
She is my _______ because she is really good at singing.
A. dream B. hero C. hobby D. fan
( ) 24. Our school looks ______ nice, let my classmate __________ you around.
A. so, to show B. very, shows C. very, showing D. so, show
( ) 25. ---Can you speak French(法语) --Yes, I can _____it in French.
A. talk B. tell C. speak D. say
( ) 26. I live my parents Shanghai now.
A. with; in B. in; with C. in; in D. with; with
( ) 27. — Your dog looks so , Andy.
— Is he Thank you.
A. old B. bad C. cute D. small
( ) 28. —.Is he good at his study
— Yes. He likes lessons at school.
A. his all B. all his C. all the his D. the all his
( ) 29. — Do the children much time for reading
— Yes. And everyone a library card.
A. has; has B. have; has C. has; have D. have; have
( ) 30.My parents and I like football. We enjoy football games.
A. talking with B. talking about C. talking to D. talking in
( )31. — your sister look
— She is slim and short.
A. How does B. How is C. What does D. What is
( ) 32. is Kitty.Her Chinese name is Zhang Li.
A. She B. Her C. This D. That
( ) 33. — “ class are you in” —“I’m in .”
A. What , class four B. What’s, Class Four
C. What, Class Four D. What’s, class four
( )34. — do you want , Andy
— A bowl of rice.
A. What other B. What else C. Where D. Whose
( ) 35. — I often go swimming in summer.
— I often stay at home.
A. What about you B. How are you C. Who are you D.What are you
My brother is a sports fan. He likes 36 all kinds of games. He likes basketball, football, tennis, badminton 37 swimming. And he is good at 38 football. Yang Chen is his favourite football player. My brother is a member 39 the Football Club. When he goes shopping, he always 40 newspapers about sports and he often watches sports news. His school is very big and beautiful. There is a football field, a tennis court and a swimming 41 in his school. He usually plays football 42 his friends after school. He wants to 43 a football player when he grows up. My brother often goes to stadium(体育馆) to watch the football matches 44 the weekend. He 45 want to miss any watch. Of course, that costs much money.
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