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2020年小升初英语 青岛市三十九中 分班考试试卷 一.选择 ( ) 1.-When is the party? -It's _________ eight o'clock ______ Sunday morning. at; on on; at at; in ( ) 2. My aunt _______ a doctor five years ago. Now she _ a writer. is; was was; is was; are ( ) 3.I visited ______ in New York last summer. Tower Bridge the UN building Stonehenge ( ) 4. -Hi, Alan! What's _____name? -Hi, Jim! He is Mike. your her his my ( ) 5. This is_____ ruler. _____ ruleris yellow. a; A the; A the; The a; The ( ) 6. -Are these two ______ in the next photo your aunt Cindy's? -Yes. They are Wangwang and Lele. day days dog dogs ( ) 7. -Have a good day, Tom. -Thanks! ______ . I'm fine Good afternoon You, too Nice to meet you ( ) 8. You can call Bob ______ 210-4738. at in to of ( ) 9. Please ______ me.l can't find my mother. see help excuse ask ( ) 10. -Alan, _____ do you spell "photo"? -P-H-O-T-O. what how who what color ( ) 11. -Thanks for your card, Tom. -_____ I see You're welcome I'm fine Have a good day ( ) 12. -Alice, is that your map? -_____ It's Linda's. Yes, that is No, that isn't Yes, it is No, it isn't ( ) 13. That is ______ friend, Jack. He is a student. boy's Tom Tom's boy ( ) 14. -Mom, where's my hat? -It's _______ your head. under in' on at ( ) 15. Where _____John's pens and where ______ my eraser? is; are is; is are; is are; are ( ) 16. David ______ in China,_____ __ his parents aren't. is; and are; and is; but are; but ( ) 17. -Is your map on your desk? -_____. It's on my sofa. Yes, they are No, they aren't Yes, it is No, it isn't ( ) 18. -_____, Jack. You're late. -OK, I'm coming. Come on Thank you I'm OK Nice to meet you ( ) 19. -What's in _____ picture? -______ cup. a; A the; A a; The the; The ( ) 20. Bob has ______ baseball and he likes to play ______ baseball. a; the the; the the;不填 a;不填 ( ) 21. I don't like this game. It's _____. boring fun great late ( ) 22. -Jenny, Let's_____Tom for the tape player. -OK. to ask asks ask asking ( ) 23. Anna's sister ______an English dictionary. don't has don't have doesn't has doesn't have ( ) 24. My brother likes red, _______ my parents ______. and; aren't but; aren't and; don't but; don't ( ) 25. Jane, can you go to the library ______ me? of with on about 二.阅读理解. (A) Jack is 15 years old. He wants to take his family-his parents and his sister Jessica out to lunch, so he wants to make money(挣钱) by helping his parents do some things. Jack gets up at 6:30, and then he cleans the house. At about 7:00, he eats breakfast and then goes to school. He has four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. At 5:30,Jack goes home and he helps his mom buy food, or cleans the car for his father. Sometimes,his sister helps him. Jack has 95 dollars now. He still (还) needs 55 dollars. He is very happy. When he takes his family out to lunch, he will pay the bill. ( )1.There are________ people in Jack's family. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6 ( )2.How does Jack make money? By working in a shop. B. By selling some things. C. By writing some books. D. By doing some things for his parents. ( )3. What does Jack do before he goes to school? He buys food. B. He buys books. C. He cleans the house. D. He cleans the car. ( )4. Jack needs ____ dollars in all (总计). 55 B. 75 C. 100 D. 150 ( ) 5. The underlined words "pay the bill" mean "____" in Chinese. 存钱 付账 做饭 D.度假 (B) Hello! My name is Alice Green. I'm English. My favorite color is red. This is'my pen. It is red. It's nice. Gina is my friend. Her last name is White. Her favorite color is yellow. Gina's pen is yellow and she likes it. A green jacket is on the quilt. It's Linda's. Linda is Gina's sister. She likes green. Linda's telephone number is 524-7896. Gina and I are in China now. Ms. Liu is Gina's teacher. Her telephone number is 256-7632. Ms. Chen is my teacher. Her telephone number is 563-6751. ( )6. Alice's last name is _______. Black White Brown Green ( )7. Alice's favorite colors _____. red purple white green ( )8. Which one is Gina's? A red Pen. A yellow pen. A green jacket. A green quilt. ( )9. Alice's teacher is____. Ms. Liu Ms. Chen Ms. White Ms. Green ( )10. Which one is true?. A. Linda likes green. B. Gina is Alice's sister. C. Gina and Linda are not in China. D. Linda's telephone number is 563-6751. 三.按要求做题 1.按要求完成下列词形变化. (1)him____(主格) (2)Factory_____(复数) (3)write____(现在分词) (4)twelve____(序数词) (5)Japan____ (形容词) (6)she____(名词性物主代词) (7)tomato____(复数) (8)shop____(现在分词) (9)photo____(复数) (10)go____(过去式) 2.按要求完成下列句子。 (1)That is a knife.(改为复数形式) (2)The tree is behind the house.(改为意思相同的句子) The house___________________. (3)My daughter is doctor.(对画线部分提问) (4)He likes eating pears and apples. (改为否定句) (5)We do our homework every day. (改为一般疑问句) 3.选词填空,从方框中选择正确的词并用其正确形式填空. (1)The boy ______ an English book yesterday. (2)Dave usually _______ at his friend's home after school. (3)I'm so shy. So it's difficult for me_____friends. (4)My father ______the news every morning. (5)Peter always likes ______ questions in class. (6)Look, the child _____basketball on the playground. (7)It's three twenty. Students ______ in the classroom and listening to their teacher. (8) to close the window when you leave here. (9)He____very short one year ago, but now he is tall. (10)They____to the park tomorrow. 四.书面表达。 假如你叫Jim,请给你的美国笔友Bob写一封信,告诉他今年9月份你就要上中学了,你很开心,因为你将会遇到新老师,结识新朋友。最后告诉他这个假期你的一些打算,要求语言流畅,不少于六句话。 答案 一.1.A 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.D 7.C 8. A 9. B 10. B 11. B 12. D 13. C 14. C 15. C 16. C 17. D 18. A 19. B 20. D 21. A 22. C 23. D 24. D 25. B 二.1.B 2.D 3.C 4.D 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.A (1)he (2)factories(3)writing (4)twelfth (5)Japanese (6)hers (7)tomatoes (8)shopping(9)photos (10)went 2.(1)Those are knives. (2)The house is in front of the tree. (3)What does your daughter do? (4)He doesn't like eating pears or apples. (5)Do you do your homework every day? 3.(1)read (2)studies (3)to make (4)listens to (5)answering (6)is playing (7)are sitting(8)Don't forget (9) was (10)will go/are going to go
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