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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 班级 ____________ 姓名 _____________ 座号 _____________ 人教PEP版小升初分班测试试卷 考试时间为30分钟, 总分100分 Ⅰ.看图片,写单词。(10分) 1.____________ 2.____________ 3.___________ 4.____________ 5.____________ Ⅱ. 给下面的单词分类。(10分) sunny B. shoes C. gym D. giraffe E. autumncloudy G. skirt H. dining hall I. panda J. winter Season: ________________________ Weather: ________________________ Clothes: ________________________ Place: ________________________ Animal: ________________________ Ⅲ. 选出划线部分读音不同的选项。(10分) 1.( )A.thank B.black C.game 2.( )A.tree B.fresh C.dress 3.( )A.?kite B.live C.like 4.( )A.zero B.socks C.tofu 5.( )A.?duty B.much C.must 6.( )A.thin B.there C.tenth 7.( )A.how B.trousers C.snow 8.( )A.her B.sister C.under 9.( )A.look B.foot C.room ( )A.English B.soup C.sure Ⅳ. 选择最佳答案。(10分) ( )1.Before, I quiet. Now, I very active in class. A.am; am B.was; was C.was; am ( )2.Mike: How you go there? John: We went there plane. A.did, by B.do, by a C.did, by ( )3.--Where he work? --He works sea. A.does, at B.do, in C.did, at ( )4.They’re lunch now! A.eat B.eats C.eating ( )5. What are you to do tomorrow? A.go B.goes C.going Ⅴ. 从B栏中找出与A栏各句相匹配的答语。(10分) A B ( ) 1. Is he drinking water? A. It’s in April. ( ) 2. When is the party? B. Yes, I can. ( ) 3. Which season do you like best? C. A sandwich, please. ( ) 4. Can you do any kung fu, John? No, he isn’t. ( ) 5. What would you like to eat? Winter. Ⅵ. 情景交际。(10分) ( )1. 你向琼斯先生介绍格林小姐,应该说: Mr Green, this is Miss Jones. Mr Jones, this is Miss Green. Miss Jones, this is Mr Green. ( )2. 你邀请朋友一起做木偶,他的回答时应该说: Colour it brown! Here you are. Great! ( )3. 有人问这是谁的钢笔,如果是你的,你应该说: It’s mine. It’s my. It’s me. ( )4. 妈妈问你:这条短裙你觉得怎么样,应该说: How do you like this skirt? What do you like this skirt? How about do you like this skirt? ( )5. 老师对同学们说:“我们以前的学校里没有图书馆”。 应该说: There was not library in my old school. There was no library in my old school. There is no library in my old school. Ⅶ. 根据对话情景从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。(有两项多余) (10分) A. Did you play football last weekend? B. How many people are there in your family? C. What does your father do? D. Who did you play football with? E. Where are you going to play football this Saturday? F. How tall are you? G. How did you get there? A: Hello, Sarah.1.____________________________________________ B: Three. A: 2.____________________________________________ B: He’s a football player. A: Sounds great! 3.____________________________________________ B: Yes, I did. A: Cool! 4._________________________ B: My father. I am going to play football this Saturday. A: 5.____________________________________________ B: In our school gym. A: Have a good time. Ⅷ. 重新排列对话的顺序。 (10分) ( )A: I stayed at home in the afternoon and watched TV. ( )A: How was your weekend? ( )A: Yes, I cleaned my room and washed my clothes. ( ) B: It was good. Thank you. What did you do? ( ) B: Did you do anything else? ( 6 )B: You are helpful. Ⅸ. 完形填空。(10分) It is evening, 1 old cock(公鸡) is sitting in a tall tree. A fox comes to the tree and looks the cock. “Hello, Mr Cock, I have some good news for you. ” says the fox. “Oh? ” says the cock. “What is it?” “All the animals are good friends now. Let’s be friends, too. Please come 3 and play with me.” “Fine!” says the cock. “I’m very glad to hear that. ” Then he looks up. “Look! There is something over there.” “ What are you looking at?” asks the fox. “Oh, I see some animals over there. They are this way.” “Animals? ” “Yes. Oh, they’re dogs.” “What? Dogs !” asks the fox. “Well . . . well, I must go now. Goodbye.” “Wait, Mr Fox,” says the cock. “Don’t 5 . They are only dogs. And dogs are our friends now.” “Yes. But they don’t know that yet.” “I see, I see,” says the cock. He smiles and goes to sleep in the tree. ( )1. A. the B. a C. an ( )2. A. / B. in C. at ( )3.A. down B. up C. in ( )4.A. comes B. coming C. come ( )5.A. goes B. go C. going Ⅹ. 阅读短文,判断正“T”误“F”。 Mrs Hunt comes back from work on foot. She tells her husband Mr Hunt about a nice dress. “I see it in the shop every day”, she says .“And you want to buy it ?” says Mr hunt .”How much is it ?” “Two hundred and sixty yuan .” two hundred and sixty yuan for a dress ?That’s too much !” But every evening when she comes back , Mrs Hunt speaks only about the dress, so at last he says , “Oh ,buy the dress ! here’s the money !” She is every happy . But the next evening, when Mr Hunt wants to have a look at the nice dress, Mr Hunt says ,“I don’t want to buy it .”“Why not ?” he asks.“Well, it is still in the window of the shop after a week. So I think no one wants this dress . And I don’t want it ,either.” (  )1. Mrs Hunt walks to work. (  )2. There is a two hundred and sixty yuan dress in the shop. (  )3. Mr Hunt thinks the dress in the shop is nice. (  )4. Mr hunt doesn’t want his wife to buy the dress first. (  )5. Mrs hunt doesn’t want to buy the dress at last because it is much too dear. 参考答案: Ⅰ.看图片,写单词。(10分) 1. notebook 2.mouth 3.horse 4.pilot 5.cinema Ⅱ.给下面的单词分类。(10分)1.EJ 2.AF 3.BG 4.CH 5.DI Ⅲ. 选出划线部分读音不同的选项。(10分) 1-5CABBA 6-10BCACB Ⅳ. 选择最佳答案。(10分)1-5CCACC Ⅴ. 从B栏中找出与A栏各句相匹配的答语。(10分) 1-5DAEBC Ⅵ. 情景交际。(10分) 1-5BCAAB Ⅶ. 根据对话情景从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。(有两项多余) (10分)1-5BCADE Ⅷ. 重新排列对话的顺序。 (10分)3-1-5-2-4-6 Ⅸ. 完形填空。(10分)1-5CCABB Ⅹ. 阅读短文,判断正“T”误“F”。 (10分)1-5TTFTF 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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