[ID:4-1681728] [精]2014年广东实验中学附属天河学校初一新生入学英语试题
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一、语音:找出划线部分读音不同的单词(每题1 分,共5 分)
( ) 1. A. tooth B. book C. look D. cook
( ) 2. A. cheap B. spread C. mean D. peace
( ) 3. A. loud B. round C. house D. young
( ) 4. A. flags B. noise C. has D. maps
( ) 5. A. uncle B. bank C. certain D. drink
二、单项选择(每题1 分,共20 分)
( ) 6. I have ________ to tell you. But first, please help _________ to
_________ fish, children.
A. anything important, our, any
B. something important, yourselves, some
C. important everything, yours, each
D. important thing, us, other
( ) 7. Tom and Jerry are twins and they are_________. Their family ________ good. Now the family _________ watching TV.
A. we heros, are, are B. ours heros, are, is
C. our heroes, is, are D. us heroes, is, is
( ) 8. ---Have you seen _____bag? I left it here just now. It’s _____ Browns.
---Is it ________ one on the chair near the door?
A. a, the, the B. the, the, the
C. a, a, a D. the, the, a
( ) 9. Do it__________. The film will be on_________ 30 minutes. I think the
Captain America. The first Avenger is __________ X Men.www-2-1-cnjy-com
A. quickest, by, more 2 hundreds times interesting than  
B. quicker, for, 2 hundred time less interesting than
C. more quickly, in, 2 hundred times less interesting than
D. quicklier, to, 2 hundreds time more interesting than
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