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2018小学六年级英语毕业模拟试题 Listening Part(40分) A、 Yes, 一、Listen and number.听录音,给图片标序号(5分)。 ( )(( ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) I. ____ 二、Listen and choose.听音选择。 (10分) ( ( )1. A. thin B. thiner C. thinner ( ( )2. A. 1.56cm B. 1.65m C. 1.56m ( ( ) 3. A. have B. has C. had ( ( )4. A. want B. went C. were ( ( )5. A. smarter B. smaller C. shorter ( ( )6. A. 46kg B. 47kg C. 37g ( ( )7. A. washed B. watered C. watched ( ( )8. A. rode a bike B. rode a horse C. rode a motorcycle ( )(( )9. A. ate good food B. ate bad food C. ate fresh food ( ( )10. A. No, we didn’t. B. No, we won’t. C. No, we don’t. Listen a三、Listen and tick or cross.听对话,判断对(√)错(x)。(5分) ((( (( 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3.( ) 4. ( ) 5.( ) 四、Listen and choose the correct answers. 听句子,选出相应的答语。(5分) ( ) 1. A. 1.78m. B. Size 6. C. 55kg. ( ) 2. A. The monkey’s. B. The rabbit’s. C. The tiger’s. ( ) 3. A. No, she didn’t. B. They ate ice-cream. C. No, they didn’t. ( ) 4. A. I went by train. B. I went to Sanya. C. I went camping. ( ) 5. A. Yesterday. B. Last Monday. C. The day before yesterday. 五、Listen and fill in the blanks.听录音,完成短文(5分) Yesterday morning, 1 I 2 a 3 on the mountains,I hurt my 4 arm, so I'm writing this diary with the pen in my left! 5 An ambulance(救护车)took me and Mum to the 6 .The 7 aid my arm will be fine in three 8 .nurses were very 9 .They gave me some storybooks to 10 .It’s an interesting story. 六.、Listen, tick or cross. 听对话,判断用“T”或“F”表示。(10分) ( ) 1. Chen Jie had a cold now. ( ) 2. Sarah went to the library with her mom last night. ( ) 3. I’m younger and shorter than my friend. ( ) 4. The elephant is taller than the bus. ( ) 5. Kate watched TV last weekend. Written Part(60分) 七、选出不同类的单词。(5分) ( ) 1.A.today B. usually C. often ( ) 2.A.help B. would C. may ( ) 3.A.mine B. her C. yours ( ) 4.A.hat B. pants C. shoes ( ) 5.A.bought B. saw C. clean 八、用所给词的适当形式填空。(5分) 6.-What did you _________(buy) last weekend? -I _________(buy)some __________(picture). 7. Nancy looks _____________ (heavy) than Nick. 8. My last summer holiday ____________ (is) so good. 9. -Did Chen Jie _________(go) __________(swim) yesterday afternoon? -No, she ________(not). She _________(go) fishing. 10. Amy is going to _____________ (watch) a game on TV this evening. 九、从三个选项中选出一个正确答案,将其序号写在题前的括号内。(10分) ( ) 11. Where _____ your mother yesterday afternoon ? She _______ at home.www.21-cn-jy.com A. are, is B. were, is C. was, was ( ) 12. That’s the ________ dinosaur in the hall. A. tall B. taller C. tallest ( ) 13. I wanted to watch TV but the TV__________. A. don’t work B. didn’t worked C. didn’t work ( ) 14. Tom and Jim ________ sitting on the chair. A. am B. is C. are ( ) 15. We _______ to a farm last weekend. A. go B. visited C. went ( ) 16. Are there _______ flowers in the garden ? Yes ,there are ______ .【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】 A. any, any B. any, some C. some, some ( ) 17. My bag is __________than__________. A. heavier, you B. heavier, yours C. the heavier, your ( ) 18. I stayed ________ home ________ my dad. A. in, with B. at, with C. at, and ( ) 19. _____ do you usually go to school ? ----By bike. A. Where B. How C. What ( ) 20. Mr Green _____ fast and he likes _______ very much. A. swims, swim B. swim, to swim C. swims, swimming 十、连词成句。(5分) 21.do,What,you,Monday,have,on (?) __________________________________________________www.21-cn-jy.co M 222..hard stays works he and healthy (.) __________________________________________________2·1·c·n·j·y 23.is,the,door,There,a,football,behind (.) __________________________________________________2-1-c-n-j-y 24.taller,than,My,friend,is,me (.) __________________________________________________【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】 25.do,did,you,last,weekend,What (?) __________________________________________________ 十一、从方框中选择正确的句子完成对话,填序号,(有个选项是多余的)。(5分) Zhang Peng: Hi, Chen Jie. What did you do yesterday? Chen Jie:26. Zhang Peng: Sent money?27 Chen Jie: Because many children lost their home in Ya’an Earthquake. They need help. Zhang Peng:You are a helpful girl.28. Chen Jie:I am going to Sichuan and take some food and books to the children this summer holiday. Zhang Peng: Oh, realy?29 Chen Jie: I want to stay there for a week. Zhang Peng: How are you going there? Chen Jie: I want to go by plane. But I am going by train, because it’s cheap. Zhang Peng:30. Chen Jie: Sure Let’s go together. 十二、阅读短文,选择适当的词填空,并把答案写在下面的横线上。(10分) are, watching, playing, was, went, will, were, saw, rowed, likes There 31 three people in my family. My father is a doctor. He 32 reading newspaper. My mother is a teacher. She likes 33 TV. I am a student. I like 34 football. It 35 a sunny day yesterday. My family 36 to a park together. First, we 37 happy.We 38 a boat and 39 elephants. But when I went ice-skating, I hurt my legs.I was sad. They sent me to the hospital. The doctor told me,“Don’t worry. You 40 be better soon!”We were happy again. 十三、阅读理解 (15) A.阅读短文,根据短文内容选择正确的选项。(5分) Mr and Mrs Red want to go hiking this weekend. They bought a lot of things for the hiking a few days ago. First, they each bought a pair of hiking shoes. Mr Red’s feet are much bigger than Mrs Red’s. He wears size 42 shoes! Mrs Red just wears size 36 shoes. Second, they bought a tent for camping. There were two tents in the shop. One was green with a big window. The other was brown with two small windows. The green one was cheaper but shorter than the brown one. Mr Red is very tall, he is 1.8 metres. And Mrs Red likes watching the beautiful mountains. She thought two windows were much better. Finally they bought one. Which tent did they buy? Can you guess? ( ) 41. What did Mr and Mrs Red do for the hiking? A. They cooked a good meal.? B. They had a good sleep. C. They bought something for the hiking. ( ) 42.What size hiking shoes do Mr and Mrs Red wear?? ? A. Size 36 and size 42. B. Size 42 and size 36. C. Size 36 and size 36. ( ) 43.What does “tent” mean? A. 帐篷 B. 房子 C. 大卡车 ( ) 44.The brown tent is _____ and ______ than the green tent.? ? A. smaller; taller B. more expensive(更贵的),taller C. smaller; shorter ( ) 45.Which tent did they buy? Can you guess? A. The green one. B. The brown one. C. They bought nothing. B. 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断以下句子正(T)误(F)。(10分) Betty’s Birthday Gift December 21st was Betty’s fourteenth birthday. When she got home after schoo1, she saw her parents in the living room.They said to her,“Happy birthday to you! We have a gift for you,Betty. Go and 1ook for it in your bedroom.” Betty ran to her bedroom.On her bed she saw a red bag. She opened it but she did not see anything, only a card in it. She took it and read, “Dear Betty,I am your gift.My first three letters(字母)are the same as in“come”.My last two letters are the same as in“water”.Between them there are three 1etters. They are“put”. What am I?” Betty thought and soon smiled (微笑). She went back and said to her parents,“Aha,I know what gift it is. Thank you very much,Mom and Dad! But where is it?”They answered,“Go and 1ook for it in your study.”She went and saw her gift in the study. How happy she was! ( ) 46. Betty was 14 years old. ( ) 47. Betty’s grandparents bought the gift to her. ( ) 48. Betty’s gift was in the bedroom. ( ) 49. Betty was not happy on her birthday. ( ) 50. Betty’s birthday gift was a computer. 十四、“My bad but good day”为题,根据上下文,补充句子,可参考所给图片,也可按实际写自己所发生过事情,不少于四句话。(5分) Today was a bad but good day for me. First,it was a bad day. __________________ __________________ But what did I do then? ___________________ So it was also a good day. As the saying goes, “Bad luck often brings good luck.”- A.Why did you do that? B.I went to a post office and sent some money. C.How long will you stay there? D.Yes,I did. E.Can I go with you? F.What are you going to do next? 学校___________________ 班级________________ 姓名________________ 考证号______________________ 密 封 线 3
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