[ID:4-4603746] [精]pep小学英语小升初毕业模拟卷(4)(含答案+听力录音)
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听 力 部 分(20分)
一、听力 (共20小题;每小题l分,计20分)
第一部分 听对话,回答问题。
( ) 1. How will the girl’s father go to Los Angeles?
A. B. C.
( )2. Which charity does the man often donate some money to?
A. B. C.
( )3. What are the two speakers talking about?
A. B. C.
( )4. Where does Paul plan to go this summer?
A. B. C.
( )5. Where are the two speakers?
A. At the bus stop. B. On the bus. C. In the People’s Park.
( )6. How long have the man’s parents been in China?
A. For 8 years. B. For 11 years. C. For 15 years.
( )7. Who will help the boy?
A. His mother. B. His father. C. His brother.
( ) 8. When does the girl usually arrive at school?
A. At 7:30. B. At 7:45. C. At 8:00..
笔 试 部 分 (100分)
21. What’s _____ with her ?
A the wrong B the matter C matter D trouble
22. Mary hurt herself, ___ ?
A didn’t she B don’t she C doesn’t she D didn’t herself
23. They found ____ difficult to pass the exam.
A it’s B i
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