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Hello, everyone. I’ m Roy. I’m from the USA. I live in China now. I can speak English and Chinese. I can sing some Chinese songs. I can’t cook Chinese food, but I like to eat it. I can’t do kung fu, but I’m going to learn it. I’m leaning to play the erhu, too. That’s very interesting.
I have some good friends in China. They are great! Wang Fang can sing English songs very well. She can dance, too. Li Lin and Li Hao are brothers. They can do kung fu. And they can play basketball and ping-pong well. We often play together.
( )1. Roy is a Chinese boy. He can speak English.
( )2. Roy likes Chinese food and he can cook it.
( )3. Roy is going to learn to play the erhu.
( )4. Wang Fang can sing songs and dance.
( )5. Li Lin and Li Hao are good at sports.
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