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( )(1)A. pencil B. pear C. ruler D.pen
( )(2)A. sad B. present C. excited D. happy
( )(3)A. shoe B. head C. hand D.arm
( )(4)A. ate B. went C. flew D. swim
( )(5)A. monkey B. tiger C. kitchen D. giraffe
( )(6)A. taller B. short C. older
( )(7)A .horse B. goose C. home
( )(8)A. try B. often C. never
( )(9)A. third B. apple C. first
( )(10)A. science B. China C. English
( )(11)A. when B. window C. where
( )(12)A. my B. eraser C. his
( )(13)A. rainy B. windy C. Baby
( )(14)A .Tuesday B. December C. Friday
( )(15)A. take B. wash C. why

(1)The book is the bed. (2)Could I Mike, please?
(3)Don't read . It's bad for your eyes. (4)It is a pencil.
(5)1 will with Mike this week.
( )1.Are these your books his books?
A. or B.and C.with D./
( )2.- on the desk?-Yes, it is.
A. What's B. Where is C. Is Bill's bag D. Are Tom's pens
( )3.These are our books. Please look after_________.
A. their B. they C. it D. them
( )4.-What's the time? -It's half ________two.
A. pass B. for C. past
( )5
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