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Unit6Topic3 Bicycle riding is good exercise. SectionD课件:40张PPT
Unit6Topic3 Bicycle riding is good exercise. Section D同步练习
1.________! There’s a car coming.
A.Look after B.Look at C.Look out D.Look for
2.— How is the weather tomorrow
— I don’t know if it ________ tomorrow. If it ________, I’ll stay at home.
A. will rain; rains B. rains; will rain
C. will rain; will rain D. rains; rains
3.——Sun Yang is a great pride of China.
——________ He is my hero too.
I’m not sure. B.That’s a good idea.
I agree. D.I disagree.
4.—Look! A car hit a bike at the street corner.
—Yes. Shall we report the ________to the police
game B.exhibition C.performance D.accident
5. Peter went into his room _________ any words as soon as he got home.
A.without say B.without saying C.with say D.with saying
A: Have you read today’s newspaper B: No. ________ A: Yes. ________ B: How did it happen A: Two pupils were playing football on their way home. ________ B: What did the driver do with them A: The driver took them to the hospital. ________ B: How are the children now A: They were saved at last. ________ B: I hope everything goes well. A: I hope so, too.
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