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Unit 7 Will people have robots
Section B2 (2a-2e)教学设计
New words: human, dangerous, already, factory, believe, disagree, even, shape, fall, inside, possible, impossible, side.
Key phrases: over and over again, hundreds of, fall down, look for,
be able to, try to do sth, wake up, disagree with, look like, get bored
Today there are already robots working in factories.
They are fun to watch.
It will be difficult to make them really think like a human.
However, they agree it may take hundreds of years.
Some will look like humans, and others might look like animals
We never know what will happen in the future!
2. Grammar: 一般将来时
3. 能够运用所给信息,如标题、图片等预测文章大意。
4. 能够运用本课的核心句型,想象和预测未来社会发展。
New words and key phrases.
Talk about robots in the future freely.
Make predictions about robots in the future.
1.Let’s enjoy some videos about robots and discuss:
What do robots look likeWhat can robots do(Present some key expressions from the article)
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