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Unit 3 I am more outgoing than my sister. SectionA1a-2c:38张PPT
Unit 3 I am more outgoing than my sister.
Section A1 (1a-2c)教学设计
outgoing, better, loudly, quietly, hard-working, run fast, jump high, work hard, as…as
2. 理解并掌握下列重点对话:
—That’s Tara, isn’t it
—No, it isn’t. It’s Tina. Tara is shorter than Tina.
Grammar: 初步掌握形容词、副词比较级的变化规则。
4. 能运用所学的形容词对人物的外表及性格进行描述并作比较。
New words and key phrases.
Ⅰ. Lead-in
Enjoy a song:What do you look like
Brainstorm:How to describe a person
1)He/She is+adj. 2)He/She has+adj.+n. 3)He/She wears/can/...+....
Give some key expressions.
Ⅱ. Presentaation:
Step1:Let’s describe!
Show some pictures of famous people on the big screen. Let Ss try to describe them.
Key words:(adj.)tall short; thin heavy; outgoing quiet;
(adv.) loudly quietly; high ; fast; well
Key sentences:Liu Xiang is ______. Pan Changjiang is ______.
He Jiong is ______. Du Haitao is ______.
Zhang Jie sings ____________. Zhang Yixing sings____________.
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