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Unit2 How often do you exercise SectionB 2a-2e阅读公开课:34张PPT
Unit 2 How often do you exercise
Section B2 (2a-2e)教学设计
1. 理解并掌握下列词汇:
result, percent, online, television, although, through, mind, body, such,
together, die
2. 理解并掌握下列短语: in one’s free time, ask sb. about sth., fifteen percent(of), not...at all, go online, be surprised, the answers to..., by doing sth., the best way to do sth., such as
3. 理解并掌握下列重点句子:
⑴ The answers to our questions about watching television were also interesting.
⑵ Although many students like to watch sports, game shows are the most popular.
⑶ It’s good to relax by using the Internet or watching game shows, but we think the best way to relax is through exercise.
⑷ Old habits die hard.
⑸ So start exercising before it’s too late!
4. 完成本课的阅读任务,学会写调查报告。
5. 培养积极健康的生活和生活习惯。
To be able to talk about free time activities and master the target languages.
Ⅰ. Lead-in
Enjoy a video and be ready to discuss the questions:What do people usually do in their free time What activities do you think is healthy for the mind and the body
100 things to do in your free time_标清.mp4
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Unit2 How often do you exercise SectionB 2a-2e阅读公开课.ppt
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