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第二部分 阅读理解
Although most people know there are Seven Wonders(七大奇迹) in the Ancient World, only a few people can name them. This is because most of them are no longer there except the pyramids. However, there is a growing list of wonders of the world today. About nine years ago, UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage (things that have come down to us from the past) List had 411 places and 136 countries were responsible to protect them, and the list keeps on growing.
Usually it is the task of a group of 21 experts to decide which places go on the list. The experts are chosen to work for six years. Their work is to examine and discuss the suggestions from different countries. They also manage the World Heritage Fund and have the right to decide what help to give to countries for protection work.
Over the past centuries a lot of cultural or historic places have been destroyed by man or nature. Protecting our natural and cultural heritage is a long and difficult task. Earthquakes, floods, pollution, wars, or even tourism are some of the dangers that harm this heritage.
When a historic place is in great danger, it is put on the World Heritage in Danger List and necessary things will be done to protect it. Places which are on the Danger List include Historic Bridges of Indiana, Elizabeth’s Hospital, Rosenwald School in Southern U. S., etc.
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