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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 PEP人教版三年级英语上册单项选择专项训练 ( )1. Look at____ears. me B.I C.my ( )2. It’s_____eye. a B. an C.two ( )3.This _____my face. am B. is C. are ( )4. --What_____ your name ? -- My name _______Chen Jie. am;is B.is;is C. are;is. ( )5.Hello, Sarah. This is Miss____. black B. brown C.Green ( )6. --How many_____ ? --Seven. book B.apples C. pear ( )7.--_____ are you? --I’m five years old. How many B. How old C.How tall ( )8.--Look at the panda. It’s _______. A.black and white B. black and brown C.brown and white ( )9.--Good morning, Miss Wang. --_____ . Good afternoon. B. Good bye. C.Good morning. ( )10.--What’s that? --_________. This is an egg. B. It’s an egg. C.Look at the egg. ( )11.--I’m hungry. --_____ Here you are. B. Have some bread. C. Thank you. ( )12.--Happy birthday. --_________. OK. B. Thank you. C.You’re welcome. ( )13.--Good bye! Mike. --_________. Hello! B. Bye. C.Good morning. ( )14.--Your cat is so cute(可爱的). I like it. --_________. Cool! B. Thanks. C.Oh, no. ( )15.--How are you? --_________. I’m fine, thanks. B. Thanks. C.Oh, no. ( )16.--This one, please. --_________. Sure. B. Thank you. C.Happy birthday. ( )17.I have______ brown eraser. a B. an C.the ( )18.--Hello.--_________. I’m Wu Yifan. B. Hi. C.Bye. ( )19.--I’m Chen Jie. --_________. I’m Mike B. Bye, Chen Jie. C.Let’s play. ( )20.--Hello, Sarah. --_________. I’m Mike B. Hello, Mike. C.Bye, Mike. ( )21.--Let’s go to school. --_________. OK! B. Bye. C.Hello! ( )22.--_____ am Mr Jones. I B. My C.my ( )23.I have _____ eraser. a B. an C./ ( )24.--I’m _________. Liu Xin B. liu xin C.Liu xin ( )25.--I have a pencil. --_________. Me too. B. Bye. C.Hello! ( )26.What’s _____ name? you B. your C. I ( )27.I _____Mike. am B. is C. are ( )28.____name’s Mike. I B.My C.You ( )29.Touch _____nose. you B. your C. me ( )30.Look!_____arm and a leg. A B. An C. an ( )31.Shake your_____. legs B. a leg C. foot. ( )32.Let’s _____a puppet. make B. to make C. makes ( )33.Look! A _____dog. fun B. funny C. funy ( )34.--I’d like some juice,please.--________ Here you are. B. Thanks C. OK. ( )35.How_____pencils? many B. old C. name ( )36. _____some bread. Drink B. Have C. Open ( )37.Can I have _____juice? any B.some C. an ( )38.How many____? dog B. pens C. cat ( )39.Show me _____dog. you B. your C. I ( )40.--How many apples?-- _____. I’m six. B. Six C. I have six pears. ( )41.I’m hungry. I’d like some _____. rice B. juice C. milk Keys: CBBBCBBACBBBBBAAABABAABAABABBBAABAABBBBBA 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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