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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Restaurants play a major part in defining the characteristics of a city. They reveal the diversity of the place, the pace of the nightlife and the financial health. Beijing, a metropolis that is home to 20 million people, has tens of thousands of restaurants. Here are some special restaurants in Beijing.
●Diaoyutai State Guest Restaurant
Traditionally, Diaoyutai State Guest Restaurant only served visiting dignitaries(达官贵人). But since1980, it has opened to the public. It offers not only Chinese cuisine at its best but also secluded dining experience in an otherwise buzzing(嘈杂的)metropolis.
Location: No. 2 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Cost: $222.01 per person
●Heritage in Wanda Plaza
Heritage offers French cuisine, which is famous for its rich taste and subtle nuances.
Location: Wanda Plaza, No 93 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Cost:$ 125:49 per person
●Kyoto Kaden Minokichi Kaiseki-Ryori in Pangu Hotel
As the only 7 star hotel in Beijing, Kyoto Kaden Minokichi Kaiseki-Ryori is undoubtedly the most expensive restaurant in the city. Kaiseki is a traditional multicourse Japanese diner. Kaiseki only uses seasonal ingredients and is prepared by master Japanese chef to reflect change of season.
Location: Pangu 7 Star Hotel, Beijing 27 Central North 4th Ring Road Chaoyang District, Beijing
Cost: $1159. 29 per person
●China Grill
People come for food but stay for the view. Situated on the top floor of a landmark building in the heart of CBD, China Grill offers an unparalleled view of Beijing landscape.
Location: 66/F Park Hyatt, 2 Jianguomen Wai, CBD, Beijing
Cost: $ 130. 79 per person
21. What does the underlined word “secluded” mean in the second paragraph
A. Fashionable. B. Peaceful.
C. Popular. D. Crowded.
22. What can we learn about Kyoto Kaden Minokichi Kaiseki-Ryori
A. It only served visiting dignitaries when first opened.
B. Its food is prepared by master Chinese chef.
C. It is located in Haidian District in Beijing.
D. It is the most expensive restaurant in Beijing.
23. What is special about China Grill among the restaurants mentioned above
A. It is the only one that serves Chinese food.
B. It is the cheapest one of the four.
C. You can enjoy the view of Beijing when dining there.
D. It is famous for its rich taste.
【山东省青岛市2019届高三第一次模拟考试】During Amsterdam’s chaotic rush hour, nine-year-old Lotta Crok cycles to a very busy junction. “Look,” she says. “There’s traffic coming from everywhere. Four trams from four different directions. For a child on a bike that’s really confusing!”
Lotta is the first junior cycle mayor in the world and her working area is the Dutch capital. You would think this challenge would be superfluous in a city known as the?bicycle capital of the world. The number of bicycles?in Amsterdam is estimated at 881,000?– more than the city’s 850,000 inhabitants – and 63% of the population cycle daily.
But children who cycle in Amsterdam face challenges, Lotta says: “The three biggest problems for us are cars, cycling tourists and scooters(小型摩托). The cars take up too much space, the tourists are always swinging side to side and stop when you least expect it, and the scooters simply run you over.”
Lotta became junior cycle mayor in June last year when she won a contest in which schoolchildren were asked to come up with plans to make cycling safer and more fun. Her idea was to add children’s bikes to the popular bike share programme.
Since Lotta was appointed junior cycle mayor, she has been busy, giving interviews, opening cycling contests in the city and being a jury(评审员)member during the?Amsterdam Light Parade, an event in which Amsterdammers decorate their bikes with lights.
She is now planning a meeting with the city’s mayor to discuss ideas that children have come up with: “One of our proposals is a bicycle park where children can learn how to cycle. Right now, most of us learn it in the street, which can be quite busy. Another idea is to create an app for tourists to teach them the rules of cycling, because most of them really don’t know.”
Following the success of the Amsterdam scheme, cycle mayors around the world are now planning to appoint junior colleagues. “They see it works really well,” Boerma, the senior major, says. “I talk to the parents, Lotta talks to the children. And if you look at the city through the eyes of a child, you will also make it accessible for others. A city that’s good for an eight-year-old is also good for an 88-year-old.”
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