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第一节 (共10小题;每小题2.5 分,满分25分)
The most welcome sight on a cold, wet winter night in London is the familiar shape of a London taxi cab approaching with its yellow “for hire” sign shining brightly. That shows it is ready to pick you up. Travelling by taxi in London is not just a way of going from one place to another. It is an experience to be enjoyed and remembered.
The main reason for this is the drivers, who are called “cabbies.” Many of them are true Cockneys. This means they were born in the heart of London and speak their own special dialect (方言) of English. All of them know every street and famous building in the city, and all of them love to talk. A simple twenty-minute journey across town can become very interesting. You may have a discussion about the government and its leaders or a friendly talk about the driver’s Aunty Nellie! One thing is for sure, it will never be boring. Cabbies know all the latest news about film stars, the Royal Family, government leaders, and popular singers or actors and actresses.
They also know the best places to eat, shop and relax. And they can take you straight to any large hotel, department store, theatre or museum. They know the shortest way possible without even looking at a map, because everyone who wants to become a taxi driver must pass a very difficult examination in order to get a license to drive a taxi. The exam is called “The Knowledge.” It is a written test, and in it drivers are asked the shortest way from one place to another. They must take into account the time of day — in rush hour, a longer route (路线) may be quicker — and describe the best way. Moreover they must never forget the one-way streets!
21. From what can we tell that someone is a Cockney
A. Their interest. B. Their manners. C. Their speech. D. Their appearance.
What does the author suggest by mentioning “Aunty Nellie” in paragraph 2
Passengers are full of curiosity. B. Cabbies’ topics are wide-ranging.
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