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In the coming months, we are bringing together artists form all over the globe, to enjoy speaking Shakespeare’s plays in their own language, in our Globe, within the architecture Shakespeare wrote for. Please come and join us.
National Theatre of China Beijing|Chinese
This great occasion(盛会) will be the National Theatre of China’s first visit to the UK. The company’s productions show the new face of 21st century Chinese theatre. This production of
Shakespeare’s Richard III will be directed by the National’s Associate Director,Wang Xiaoying.
Date & Time : Saturday 28 April,2.30pm & Sunday 29 April,1.30pm & 6.30pm
Marjanishvili Theatre Tbilisi | Georgian
One of the most famous theatres in Georgia,the Marjanishvili,founded in 1928,appears regularly at theatre festivals all over the world. This new production of It is helmed(指导)by the company’s Artistic Director Levan Tsuladze.
Date & Time :Friday 18May,2.30pm & Saturday 19May,7.30pm
Deafinitely Theatre London | British Sign Language (BSL)
By translating the rich and humourous text of Love’s Labour’s Lost into the physical language of BSL,Deafinitely Theatre creates a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s comedy and aims to build a bridge between deaf and hearing worlds by performing to both groups as one audience.
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