[ID:4-6453178] 2019年广西贺州市中考英语试题(PDF含答案无听力音频及材料)
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英语 第I卷 听力测试 每小题1分,共30分) 听句子 选画面。(s 5小题,每小题1分,共5分 听句子,选择与你所听到的句子内容相符的图画。每个句子读一遍 B C D (二)听句子,选答语。(5小题,每小题1分,共5分) 听句子,选择恰当的答语。每个句子读一遍 (A)6.A. Good morning! B. Good afternoon! C. Good evening (c)7.A. It's blue. C. It's a pen (b)8.A.Idont think so B. Thank you C. You are right. (a)9.: A. Yes. sure. B. No, you cant (B)对语组解(10如小想1%,共10分 C. I like them A.听五段短对话,选择最佳答案。每段对话读两遍 (C)11. Who is taller? A. Jeff B. Jackson C. Tony (A)12. What's the matter with John? A. He hurt his leg B. He hurt his arm C. He hurt his hand (A)13. What does Steve usually do at 7: 00 in the evening? A. Does his homework B. Watches Tv C, Does some housework (B)14. Which woman is Tom's aunt? A, The one in red B. The one in purple C. The one in brown. (C)15. Where probably is the man? a bookstore B. in a restaurant C. In a clothes store B.听第一段长对话,根据对话内容回答第1617小题。对话读两遍 (a)16. What does the man want to drink? A. Milk. C. Juice (C )17. How much does the man pay A. 8 yuan B. 10 yuan C, 18 yuan C.听第二段长对话,根据对话内容回答第18-20小题。对话读两遍。 (B) 18. Where does the woman want to ge B. The library C. Jianshe Road (C)19. How will the woman get there? B, By bike (C )20. How long will it take the woman to go there? A. About 10 minutes. B. About 7 minutes C. about 8 minutes (四)短文理解。(5小题,每小题1分,共5分) 听一篇短文,根据短文内容,回答第21-25小题。短文读两遍 A ) 21. What was the date yesterday? A. June 7. 2019. C. June 6, 2019 (B) 22. How many dragon boats were there in the river? A. Courage Team ( B)24. What did they go to learn to do? (C )25. How did they feel at the end of the day? B. Amazed C. Tired but excited 0
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