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英 语
1. What’s Mike’s favorite snort
A. Football. B. Tennis. C. Volleyball.
2. What does the girl want to borrow
A. A notebook. B. A model plane. C. A dictionary.
3. When does the man plan to visit Hong Kong
A. In June. B. In May. C. In April.
4. What’s the matter with Lily
A. She has a fever. B. She has a sore throat. C. She has a toothache.
5. Where are the two sneakers
A. On the beach. B. At a zoo. C. In a library.
6. When did Alice go to the old people’s home
A. Last month. B. Last weekend. C. Last year.
7. What did Alice and Gina take there
A. Milk mid books. B. Milk and clothes. C. Books and clothes.
8. Who played erhu then
A. Alice. B. Gina. C. Grandpa Yu.
9. Why did the man stop the woman
A. Because her car hit him.
B. Because she drove too fast.
C. Because he wanted a lift.
10. What did the man ask the woman to show
A. Her passport. B. Her ID card. C. Her driver’s license.
11. What’s the relationship between them
A. Policeman and driver. B. Doctor and patient. C. Boss and worker.
12. What are they going to do first
A. To watch a movie. B. To have a drink. C. To visit the museum.
13. Where is the coffee shop
A. Next to the cinema
B. In front of the museum.
C. Across from the bank.
14. How will they go to the museum
A. On foot. B. By bus. C. By bike.
15. How did Jeff make great progress in Chinese
A. By reading a lot. B. By studying in groups. C. With Ms. Yang’s help.
16. What kind of party will be held
A. A welcome party. B. A housewarming party. C. A surprise party.
17. Who will bring Ms. Yang to the party
A. Jeff. B. Mary. C. Other teachers.
18. What are they talking about
A. Environmental protection.
B. Heavy traffic.
C. Food safety.
19. Why is it a good way to ride a bike
A. Because it’s convenient.
B. Because it’s good for health.
C. Because it’s relaxing.
20. How many ways are mentioned
A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.
21. Where did Mr. Liu lose his backpack
A. In a mall.
B. At the airport.
C. At the train station.
22. What color is the backpack
A. Blue. B. Yellow. C. Red.
23. What’s in the backpack
A. A photo. B. A map. C. A camera.
24. When will Mr. Liu take the train to Shanghai
A. At 8:00 p. m. B. At 9:00 p. m. C. At 8:00 am.
25. What’s the telephone number of Mr. Liu
A. 232-7462. B. 232-4672. C. 234-2762.
26. I have a lovely pet cat. ________ name is Lazy.
A. It B. This C. Its D. She
27. Autumn is ___________ beautiful season with fresh air and fallen leaves.
A. / B. an C. the D. a
28. —May I join the art club, Dad
—If you have interest, you ________.
A. should B. can C. have to D. must
29. Hurry up! We’re late. I don’t want to ________ the start of the film.
A. catch B. get C. miss D. lose
30. To my great joy, my family is always ________ me whatever I decide to do.
A. behind B. to C. from D. against
31. All the members decided to ________ the money from the book sale to homeless people.
A. give up B. give away C. take up D. take away
32.—What’s the secret of success, Dr. Know
—More time and effort, _________ you’ll make it someday.
A. yet B. or C. and D. but
33. —How do you like this plan
—_________ It’s just what I’ve been expecting.
A. Perfect. B. Terrible. C. Meaningless D. Awful
34. —In my opinion, animals shouldn’t be kept for fun.
—I think so. Forests are the best places for animals _________.
A. live B. living C. to live D. to live in
35.—I’m tired of cleaning the house.
—Sweeping robots _________ more and more widely today. Why not buy one
A. are used B. were used C. are using D. used
36.—The young are always busy checking their mobile phones while getting together.
—So it is. They should put down phones and have more talks, _________.
A. still B. too C. either D. instead
37.—Everyone should stick to his dream.
—Yes. A life without a dream is like a bird without ________, which can’t fly.
A. wings B. water C. clouds D. food
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