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My son Daniel began surfing at the age of 13. After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves. Daniels love for the ride was tested one 16 afternoon.
“ Your son' s been in an accident,” the lifeguard(生员) reported to my 17 Mike over the phone hurriedly. “18 he came up to the top of the water, the point of the board was headed toward his eye.”
Mike rushed our son to the hospital. He 19 26 stitches(缝全) from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose
I was 20 home from a meeting while Daniels eye was being stitched. Mike drove 21 to the airport after they eft the doctors office. He greeted 22 at the gate while Daniel was waiting in the car. Daniel? "I questioned. I remember thinking the 23 must have been terrible that day.
“He’s been in an accident, but he’s going to be fine. "Mike comforted me.
I ran to the car. My son reached out both arms, crying, Oh, Mom, Im so glad you re home.1 sobbed(抽泣) in his arms, telling him how24 I felt about not being there when the lifeguard called.
“It's okay, Mom,”he said. “I'll be fine. The doctor said can go back in the water in eight days.” Was he 25 I wanted to tell him that he wasnt allowed to go near water again until he was 35, but 26 I controlled myself
-He kept asking me to let him go back on the 27 for the next seven days. One day after I 28 “ No”to him for the 100th time, he beat me at my own game.
“ Mom, you taught us never to 29 what we love.”
I gave in. Back then Daniel was just a boy with deep 30 for surfing. Now he is among the top 25 surfers in the world.
16. A. unusual B. boring C. amazing D. relaxing
17. A. brother B. uncle C. husband D. father
18. A. If B. When C. Unless D. Though
19. A. avoided B. changed C. received D. discovered
20. A. flying B. driving C. boating D. walking
21. A. suddenly B. happily C. comfortably D. directly
22. A. her B. them C. us D. me
23. A. waves B. dreams C. clouds D. suggestions
24. A. brave B. lucky C. awful D. proud
25. A. busy B. crazy C. friendly D. polite
26. A. instead B. already C. even D. often
27. A. plane B. bed C. board D. chair
28. A. posted B. offered C. threw D. repeated
29. A. find out B. give up C. hand out D. pick up
30. A. love B. fear C. sadness D. regret

31. The purpose of the charity drive for Grace Orphanage is to ▲
A. encourage children through reading
B. teach children to draw pictures
C. introduce some local performers
D. raise money for children aged 5 to 12
32. According to the text, we can ▲ in the charity drive
A. play yo-yo with the volunteers
B. give away used books to kids
C. watch performances on Saturday
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