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After school on Friday, I waited at the school gate to walk home with Jemma, as usual. Then I saw __16__ talking and laughing happily with some other girls. She glanced(瞥了一眼) at me and left me alone there. I knew right then that I had __17__ my best friend.
After dinner, Mom asked, “Is Jemma coming by tomorrow”
I shrugged(耸肩) and said nothing.
The next morning, Mom asked, “Today is __18__, What are you and Jemma going to do” I shrugged again. “__19__ is Jemma”
Mom took a look at me. Then she said, “Will you take these magazines to Grandma, please”
__20__ I walked down the street, a new girl in the neighborhood came towards me, smiling. But I just went __21__ her.
Grandma welcomed me at the door with a warm hug.
Sitting on the sofa, I noticed a (an) __22__ of kids in old-fashioned clothes on the table. Grandma pointed at a girl with short fair hair.
“That’s Beth Lambert, ” she said. “My best friend. Until a week before we took this photo.” I was __23__ at that.
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