[ID:4-4750100] 2018年甘肃省兰州市中考英语试题(原卷+解析)
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1. Don’t tell a lie. You are __________ honest boy.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
2. Tom’s iPad is much newer than___________. And it is also more expensive.
A. I B. me C. my D. mine
3. The Nile is one of the _________ rivers in the world.
A. long B. longer C. longest D. most longest
4. In summer, food will go bad quickly ________ we put it into a fridge.
A. if B. unless C. as soon as D. while
5. --______ fine weather it is! Let’s go for a walk.
---Sounds like a great idea.
A. What B. How C. What a D. How a
6. If the temperature is below 0oC, water will turn into __________ in the open air.
A. ice B. steam C. fog D. rain
7. Could you please tell me____________
A. where are you from B. how can I get there
C what’s the matter with you D. where does he live
8. Every morning. Tim often sees some groups of middle-aged women ____________in the square.
A. dance B. to dance C. Dances D. danced
9. Neither Tom nor I________ interested in playing WeChat.
A. am
B. is
C. are
D. be
10. Only yesterday ___________find out that his purse was lost.
A. he was B. was he C. did he D. he did
11. Bob’s father can’t stand____________ soap operas. He enjoys sports games on TV.
A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched
12. ----Jerry, could you tell me how to take a taxi through “Didi”
A. Take it easy B. You are welcome C. Thank you D. Sure, I’d love to
13. I like the city _____the people are really kind and friendly.
A. that B. which C. where D. who
14. I will call you as soon as he______ here.
A. arrive B. will arrive C. arrives D. arrived
15. ---________times have you visited Gansu Science Museum
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