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I.单项选择 (每小题1分,共10分)
26. I always get up early on weekdays,______I’m afraid I will be late for school.
A. because B. so C. though D. than
27. More and more foreign students begin to learn Chinese, and many of them _____Chinese better and better now.
A. are spoken B. spoke C. has spoken D. are speaking
28. In fact, pandas have become so popular that they are now a ______of China.
A. subject B. symbol C. sign D. spirit
29.—Hi, Anna. Are these your sister’s pencils
—Oh, no. They’re not ______.
A. her B. him C.hers D. his
30. If I _______a two-week holiday next year, I will take part in a short study tour to Beijing University.
A. took B. take C. will take D. are taking
31. When Flight 3U833 finally landed in Chengdu,______of women cried. Fortunately. ______of the 119 passengers in the plane were hurt in the incident(事件).
A. some; none B. some; neither C. any ; none D. any ; neither
32. Nowadays, because of the Readers(《朗读者》)by CCTV, many book fans _____ reading in public places.
A. will see B. were seen C. are seen D. have seen
33.—It’s too hot.______I swim in the lake
—No, you _______. That’s too dangerous!
A. Should; can’t B. Need; mustn’t C. Must; needn’t D. Could ; can’t
34.—I’m sorry about yesterday.
—Don’t worry about it. It’s never just one per
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