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It was two days before Christmas, and David wanted to give a card to everyone in his class. He opened the bag and looked 16 . "What are you looking for his mom asked. "Ms. Ross gave us a 17 of everyone in the class, "said David. "I can’t find mine. If I don t have my list, I won’t know what names to put on the cards."
"Take 18 out and we’ll look together," suggested Mom. They shook out all his books and 19 all the pockets in his bag, but no Christmas list. "Now I can’t give out cards at school, "David said sadly.
"Don’t 20 so easily, said Mom. She took a piece of paper and asked him how many children are in his class. "Seventeen," answered David "I’ll never 21 them all."
"Wait, "said Mom, numbering the paper one to seventeen." Now, who do you often play with ""Brian, Todd and John. "She wrote down their 22 . "And who sits in the first row in your classroom?""Hmm…Angie, Jill and Brad." David tried to remember what his 23 looked like and who sat where, " And Rebecca, Travis and Erin in the second row." David’s mom wrote as fast as she could.
Now, they had 24 names. Who had he missed David thought hard.

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