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One morning, when I was leaving for my business, a middle-aged man came up and asked me for help. He said he had no 16 to get food for his large family.
You look 17 . Why don’ t you work?” I asked.“ Simply because I cannot get work,sir.”“If I give you work, what you want” “ 18 I can get bread for my family, sir.” he answered.
I decided to find out if he 19 meant what he said. "OK. I’ll give you one pound an hour, if you will 20 a brick(砖)under your arm and walk around the square for five hours without stopping. “”Thank you, sir. I will. “
I found a brick and started him on his walk before I went to my 21 . I never thought he would he had 22 .
When I came back five hours later, I saw him 23 walking, with the brick under his arm.
I stopped him and gave him 24 pounds. He thanked me and told me that some people had 25 to help him when they knew why he was doing all this. He would go and ask 26 for work. Before leaving, he asked if I would give him the 27 .I did.
Several years later, a well-dressed man greeted me on a train. Seeing I was not sure who he was, he 28 that he was the brick man and had his own business now. “You know, I still keep that brick and always value it as the most 29 thing I have as it has
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