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More than 700 years ago, Scotland(苏格兰)was fighting with England. The King of England wanted to __1_ Scotland. He had a strong army so it was __2__ for the Scots to fight. They lost many times. King Robert of Scotland had to run from the English army.
One rainy day, King Robert lay in an old house. He thought that he was not good
enough to be king. He was so __3__ that he didn’t even see a spider(蜘蛛)near him. He __4__ when he saw the spider climbing. It was trying to climb up to its web at the top of the house but it fell down.
“How sad!” thought King Robert. “The spider is like me. It’s not __5__ enough.” He watched while the spider climbed up again. It fell down a second time.
“Be careful, little spider, or you might die,” he said. “Life is so hard. You’ll never get back to your web.” But the spider __6__ again and again. King Robert watched while it __7__climbed back to its web. After an hour, the spider got to the web.
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