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2019一模卷选题 新区 第一部分 单项填空 1.一Do you really think you can learn that much in only a couple of hours? 一Yes. We will try a very useful of dealing with memory problems. A. manner B. process C. method D. activity 2.一I've heard Joe was praised by his boss again. 一Oh, that's because he is always the first to complete his tasks. A. for B. among C. of D. as 3.—Have you ever visited Russia, Wilson? 一Yes, I have. I there last summer for two weeks. A. went B. was going C. have gone D. goes 4.—The work is really tiring. I want to have a holiday to relax. 一 your time well if you want to. A. Use B. Keep C. Spend D. Take 5.一Another Friday! So, what are you doing this weekend, Cathy? 一I'll probably somewhere. Who wants to cook on the weekend? A. go out B. eat out C. look out D. run out 6.—Andrew's birthday is on next Saturday, and I'm planning a surprise party for him. 一 . I'll bring some cakes. A. Sounds like fun B. It depends C. Wait a minute D. That's right 第二部分 词汇检测 1. The two problems should be treated (分别). 2. You have (丢掉)away a good chance. 3. The Chinese people have the tradition of (尊敬)the old and being kind to the young. 4. I had to wait for a week after I handed in my (申请)letter. 5. The plan was formed out of repeated (讨论). 6. Brad is Jane's brother, so he always (使想起)me so much of her. 7.一Coffee or tea? 一Tea, please. I tea to coffee. 8.—Kim lost his keys this morning. 一Bad luck! No his office is still locked. 第三部分 句子翻译 1.虽然这种竹子在其他地区几乎消失,但在这里仍然可以生存。 _________________________________________________________________ 2.一些人类活动不仅污染了我们的星球,而且使很多动物处于危险之中。 _________________________________________________________________ 3.我们必须考虑一下现代技术是否能在拯救动物方面发挥作用。 _________________________________________________________________ 园区 一、单项填空 1. We are all encouraged to work hard and succeed life. A. on B. in C. out D. up 2.一Which course would you like to choose this term, DIY or STEM? 一 . I prefer paper-cutting. A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither 3. Make sure that all the waste is and safely dealt with. A. actively B. closely C. properly D. simply 4.—The sky is blue and I can smell the Mowers. 一 great fun it is to go spring outing! A. How a B. How C. What a D. What 5.—Excuse me, madam. Would you please the total cost of the trip? 一All right, I will make it at once. A. give out B. look out C. take out D. work out 6.—Why did your father get with you just now? 一Because I did even in the exam this time. A. satisfied; worse B. angry; worse C. satisfied; worst D. angry; worst 7.一What will you do then? 一I will telephone the police and complain about it the noise stops soon. A. unless B. though C. because D. if 8.一Have you watched the documentary about SIP? 一Yes, it's great. It shows . A. what has the government built in open spaces B. how people's living conditions have been improved C. if SIP is a wonderful place to live or not D. when was the high-speed railway in use 二、词汇检测 1. These instruments are one of those (牛仔). 2. Kate took off her shoes and (摇动)the sand out of her shoes. 3. I want to sell my car but I don't know (确切)how much it is worth. 4. She always (表达)her ideas clearly. 5. You can never imagine how much difficulty I had (创建)my own website. 6. Sofa is to living room as shower is to . 7.一Sorry, I can't afford to go abroad. 一What about having a country travel with a little price? 三、句子翻译 1.他己经在写作比赛中多次获奖。 _________________________________________________________________ 2.他认为还需要更多的努力来实现他的梦想。 _________________________________________________________________ 常熟 一、单项选择 1.—Our classroom is so clean. Do you know who cleaned its —Sorry, I don't know. I think did it before class. A. anybody B. nobody C. somebody D. everybody 2. The poor man needs our help, he? A. need B. needn't C. does D. doesn't 3.—What do you think of happiness, Zoe? —I think happiness is a way station too much and too little. A. among B. between C. opposite D. =beyond 4.—Look, Tom's parents look so sad. —Maybe they what's happened. A. knew B. have known C. has known D. will know 5. People often think pigs are stupid. But , they are quite smart. A. no problem B. in fact C. no way D. in all 6.—I`his computer isn't working properly. — . I kept having problems with it yesterday. I don't know what's wrong. A. I told you so. B. Never mind. C. With pleasure. D. Not at all. 二、词汇检测 1. (成功)usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. 2. Planting a tree isn't as simple as just (挖)a hole. 3. Why not (考虑)moving to another city if you don't like it here? 4. Paper cutting is one of China's most popular (传统的)folk arts. 5. Thomas Alva Edison was full of (创意)–always coming up with new ideas. 6. Charles Dickens became famous at the age of 24 with his first (小说). 7. Do you know that at the beginning of the Victorian period nobody really (庆祝) Christmas? 8.—Roy never likes junk food. — do I. That's probably why I'm becoming healthier and healthier now. 9.—Our monitor, Lin Tao, keeps all his things in good order. —That's true. He's so , and we should learn from him. 三、句子翻译 1.对于一个人来说有一颗童心是非常重要的。 2.你能告诉我该乘哪路公共汽车吗? 3.这间书房常被我们用作会议室。 4.她为自己有音乐天赋而自豪。 5.火星上的空气要比地球上的稀薄很多。 市区 一、单项选择(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) 1. Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock Holmes are brothers. There is uncommon similarity between two men. A. an; / B. an; the C. a; / D. a; the 2. If success is a gate, the road this gate must be made up of difficulties. A. towards B. against C. opposite D. beyond 3. Many art lovers are going to the Spring Festival Gala next week. A. come up with B. try out for C. carry on with D. look around for 4.—I don't care . In this army, there's only one hairstyle—short! Understand? —Yes, sir! A. what you are used to liking B. what you used to be like C. what are you used to liking D. what did you use to be like 5.Thomas Alva Edison was full of —always coming up with new ideas which led to great changes in society. A. instruction B. invitation C. introduction D. invention 6. Which of the following sentences is an opinion? A. Many changes have taken place in Suzhou. B. There are many restaurants in Suzhou. C. Life in Suzhou is getting better in some ways. D.Thousands of people visit Suzhou every year. 二、词汇检测 1. This kind of disease (传播)so quickly that it drew the government's attention. 2. Are there (充足)of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet? 3.—I don't know how to put together the furniture. Can you help me? —You can read the first and have a try. 4. We heard that the police (拒绝)to give Sarah any information about her son. 5. The Jiangsu People's (出版)House recently got out two new novels. 6.—You can't have any more cookies. It's not good to go to bed on a full (胃). —Oh, Mum. I promise I'll lay on my side. 7.—How much do you know about the World War? —It was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. 8.—Do you know how to return books to the school library? —Well, just put the books on the library desk, and the will check them in. 9. Happy is to sad as empty is to . 三、句子翻译 1.吃了这些药,你会感觉好一些的。 2.你认为史上最伟大的科学家是谁? 3.通过使用电子邮件我能与朋友和家人保持联系。 4.在当地政府的支持下,更多的资源将受到保护。 吴中,吴江,相城 第一部分 单项填空 1. Look, the kite in the tall tree is quite my reach, so I can't get it down. A. within B. over C. beyond D. among 2.—Advertisements sometimes help people learn more about new products. —But from time to time ads tell lies. A. can B. should C. need D. must 3.—I really can't believe such a wise man has made so silly a mistake. —Don't you know sense is worth more than knowledge?. A. general B. unusual C. special D. common 4.—The fashion show will begin in half an hour, but Sandy hasn't turned up yet. —Don't worry. I her and she's sure to be here soon. A. will call B. have called C. am calling D. call 5.—Your picture is so wonderful. —I had worked for 10 hours I finished drawing it. A. when B. after C. since D. before 6.—What time does the first train to Beijing leave? —Wait a minute. I'm just . A. taking up B. picking up C. making up D. looking up 第二部分 词汇检测 1. With a long list of (选择), it's very hard for me to decide which to buy. 2. Reading English aloud every day can help you pronounce all the words (正确地). 3. Our teachers are always (鼓励)us to do more reading after class. 4.The dishes of the new restaurant are delicious and we were well (服务)when we last ate there 5. It's said that more than five people were burned to (死)in the big fire. 6. Though his grandfather is in his (九十), he's energetic Enough to go round. 7. Sometimes it's too noisy in the club. Shall I take you (某处)else? 8.—What do you think of your parents? —They never allow me to stay out late. I think they are much with ine than yours. 9.—Why not buy a new mobile phone? —I hope so. But I can't it 10.—How about going for a holiday in Hainan? — great! I'm looking forward to visiting it for long. 第三部分 句子翻译(共5小题;每小题3分,满分15分) 1.上周我们每个人受邀作了一次演讲。 _________________________________________________________________ 2.你愿意听听我们的建议吗? _________________________________________________________________ 3.我们最好不要花太多时间在网聊上。 _________________________________________________________________ 4.我们有必要在年轻时学一些有用的东西。 _________________________________________________________________ 5.为了考上一所理想的学校,我们每天都应该努力学习。 _________________________________________________________________ 昆山 第一部分 单项选择 1.一I'd like to speak to the chief engineer of the building. Could you me ? 一Ok. Please hold on for a moment. A. put; out B. put; through C. put; in D. put; up 2. I am busy this weekend,I will go to Shanghai Disneyland with you. A. Unless B. Whether C. If D. Since 3.一Jim looks sleepy in class. What's wrong with him? 一He stayed up late last night. He a composition from 7 o'clock to midnight. A. wrote B. writes C. has written D. was writing 4. The visitors find is kind the local people to answer all the questions. A. it; for B. that; for C. that; of D. it; of 5.一Look at Lucy! How weak she looks! 一Well, she never eats and that's why she is not healthy. A. properly B. rapidly C. smoothly D. completely 6.一Waiter! I'd like some beef and a vegetable salad. 一Sorry,madam. They only for lunch. Why not consider something else? A. served; to order B. served; ordering C. are served; ordering D. are served; to order 7.一Have you found any information about the player you can use for the article? 一Not yet. I'll search for some on the Internet. A. that B. who C. what D. whose 8.一Could you look after my flowers while I am away on holiday? 一 I'll water them on time. A. Forget it. B. With pleasure. C. You're welcome. D. Come on. 第二部分 词汇检测 1. You can ask for help, (无论何时)you need it. 2. Thank you very much for paying the (账单)for me. 3. It's interesting that the pool is in the (形状)of heart. 4 .Her school life was (记录)in the diaries of those years. 5. The pilot avoided an accident by (控制)the speed and the direction of the plane. 6. People don't like the boy who often (说谎)to others. 7.一William Shakespeare is to writer as Thoms Edison is to . 8.一We Chinese use to eat food. What about the foreigners? 一Many of them use spoons and forks. 9.一Many hands make light work. 一That's it. We must work to make our dream come true. 第三部分 句子翻译 1.通过努力工作,他成功地让经理改变了想法。 _________________________________________________________________ 2.当他很小的时候,就表现出对编曲的兴趣。 _________________________________________________________________ 3.为什么不告诉孩子们尽可能经常复习所学内容呢? _________________________________________________________________ 4.在过去的几年里,他的研究已经推动了新能源的发展。 _________________________________________________________________ 平江 第一部分 单项填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 1. Life is like ______ one-way street. It will never lead you back. So, enjoy life every moment as ______ of them will happen the same way again. A. the; nothing B. a; none C. an; none D. a; nothing 2. – Can I ______ a few minutes of yours to talk about how to deal with the old books? – Sure. A. set up B. open up C. take up D. put up 3. The car suddenly _________ on the road and went out of control. Finally, it was seen _________ into the wall of the building. A. was broken down; crash B. broke down; crash C. was broken down; to crash D. broke down; to crash 4. – Could you tell me _________________? – It will begin in twenty minutes in the school hall. A. how soon the talent show will begin B. how long will the talent show last C. when the talent show would begin D. where was the talent show 5. In Yunnan province, there is a valley famous for its butterflies. You will see over four _______ kinds of butterflies flying around ________ you get into the valley. A. hundred; when B. hundreds of; while C. hundred; until D. hundreds; if 6. The tourists can see those rocks ________ different shapes clearly _______ sunny days. A. in; in B. in; on C. on; for D. on; in 7. – Hello, may I speak to Mr. Black, please? – ________________________________ A. I’m Mr. Black. Who are you? B. Can I take a message for you? C. Hold and I’ll put you through. D. Sorry, I’m afraid you have to 第二部分 词汇检测 1. In his ▲ (四十), my father often climbed the hill near the village to keep healthy. 2. Neither my parents nor my wife ▲ (开车) to work. They take the underground every day. 3. They have ▲ (增长) the price of the car by 20%, which makes some customers lose their interest in it. 4. The young man would rather give up the chance than take those ▲ (导演) advice. 5. Although these were good students, none had a score ▲ (在……以上) 60. 6. Is it worth ▲ (增加) so many fresh fruits into the salad? 7. Necklace is to jewellery as guitar is to ▲ . 8. I will see you there tomorrow morning ▲ something unexpected happens. 9. A further ▲ is possible if you can’t agree with each other on this problem now. 第三部分 句子翻译 1. 我们将被迫待在家里了吗? _________________________________________________________________ 你的主意总是比我多。 _________________________________________________________________ 青云 1 . Pity! I missed one-hour speech by President Xi Jinping yesterday. A. What; an B. How; an C. What a; the D. How; the 2.—Don't be angry with your kid when he makes a mistake again, will you? —No, I won't. I know that of us are perfect after all. A. none B. neither C. each D. all 3. 一Where's your brother? 一Oh, he the library and . A. has been to; so Lucy is B. has gone to; so Lucy has C. has gone to; so has Lucy D. has been in; so has Lucy 4. 一Must I stay here with you, Mom? 一No, you . You may go home now, but you go to the net-bar. A. mustn't; needn't B. needn't; mustn't C. must; need D. need; must 5. 一Do you know ? 一Yes, she is very kind and outgoing. A. what's his mother like B. what his mother likes C. what his mother is like D. how his mother is like 第二部分 词汇检测 1. Hey! What are you listening to? It's a (私人的) conversation. 2. Some valuable jewellery in that shop was (偷)last week. 3. Paul has found a new job and is (考虑)moving to a new flat near his company. 4. Confidence is an important (条件)if you want to achieve success. 5. Generally speaking, excellent learners have some good habits in ______ (相同). 6. Bad news often (传播/扩散)faster. 7.一Where is your father? 一He has already (飞)to Beijing. 8. Apple is to fruit as circle is to ________. 9. The Great Wall is one of the _______ in the world. 10. Read the ______ first carefully before you take the medicine. 第三部分 句子翻译 1.与中国人口比较的话,美国少多了 _________________________________________________________________ 2.看起来他的自行车需要修一下了 _________________________________________________________________ 3.那辆火车突然失控了。 _________________________________________________________________ 4.我奶奶习惯于手洗衣服。 _________________________________________________________________ 5.毕竟,我们不再是孩子了。 _________________________________________________________________
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