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( )1. ________ more beautiful Taizhou was shown to the world in _________ fourth “Micro Film·Us” micro film competition.
A. The; a B. A; a C. A; the D. / ; the
( )2. ---How much should I pay for the food, Madam
---It costs .The food is free here. needs to pay for it.
A. none; Anyone B. none; No one C. nothing; Everything D. nothing; Nobody
( )3. Don’t come to meet him ______,because he will be away____________.
A. between 8 to 9, between 7 and 12 B. from 8 and 9; from 7 to 12
C. from 8 to 9; between 7 and 12 D. between 8 and 9; from 7 to 12
( )4. Stephen Hawking, one of the most respected and best-known scientists, passed away _____
March 14, 2018 ______ the age of 76.
A. in; at B. on; at C. in; on D. on; on
( )5. ---Do you know the Indian girl Malala
---Of course, her ___________ makes the world shocked(震惊的) and she becomes the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
A. advantage B. progress C. achievement D. attention
( )6. ---Shall we go to Xinghua to see the rape flowers (油菜花) this weekend
--- ___ And it’s said that it is Xinghua Qianduo Rape Flowers Tourism Festival now. We can’t miss it.
A. Why not B. I’m not sure. C. I am afraid not. D. I don’t think so.
( )7. ---Where have you ______ these days --- I have ______ to Nanjing wi
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