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An old man lived in a nice house with a large garden. He was busy taking care of his 21 in the garden all the time.
One day a young man passed by the garden. He looked at the beautiful flowers, imagining how happy he could be 22 he lived in such a beautiful place. Then he found the old gardener was blind. He was very 23 . Then he asked the old man, "You can’t see these flowers. Why are you busy 24 care of them eve ry day "
The old man smiled and said, "I have four reasons. First, I was a gardener when I was young, and I really like this job. Second, although I can’t see these flowers, I can touch them. Third, I can 25 the sweetness of them. As for the last one, that’s you."
"Me But you don’t know me." said the young man.
"Yeah, it’s 26 that I don’t know you. But I know that flowers can bring 27 happiness."
The blind old man’s work made other people happy, and it 28 made himself happy. It was just like Beethoven, one of the 29 musicians in history. Beethoven wrote a lot of great music, but there was something wrong with his ears in his later life. Beethoven himself couldn’t 30 his wonderful music, but his music has encouraged millions of people to face their difficulties bravely.

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