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1.They wanted to understand painted the pictures and what they might mean.
2.I first have to remove all the rotten parts,and sometimes, is left isn’t enough for my designs.
3. he had left without saying one word really made all of us feel deeply hurt.
4.Therefore,it is advisable you should value and treat them with care.
5.His writing is so confusing that it’s difficult to make out it is that he is trying to express.
6.One reason is the air around you moves in from somewhere else.
7.I did not want to get any thanks but I hoped I did could inspire someone to do the same as well.
8.We now realize important family is,especially when you are raising children.
9.You have to know you’re going if you are to plan the best way to get there.
10.It is often the case anything is possible for those who hang on to hope.
11.My uncle is the owner of a restaurant close to that I live.
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