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Did you know that Albert Einstein could not speak until he was four years old,and could not read until he was seven?His parents and teachers worried about his mental ability.
Beethoven’s music teacher said about him,“As a composer (作曲家) he is hopeless.” What if this young boy had believed it
When Thomas Edison was a young boy,his teachers said he was so stupid that he could never learn anything.He once said,“I remember I used to be never able to get along at school.I was always at the foot of my class ...My father thought I was stupid,and I almost decided that I was a stupid person.” What if young Thomas had believed what they said about him
When the sculptor (雕刻家) Auguste Rodin was young,he had difficulty learning to read and write.Today,we may say he had a learning disability.His father said of him,“I have an idiot (白痴) for a son.” His uncle agreed.“ He’s_uneducable,” he said.What if Rodin had doubted his ability
Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper editor because he was thought to have no “good ideas”.Enrico Caruso was told by one music teacher,“You can’t sing.You have no voice at all.” And an editor told Louisa May Alcott that she was unable to write anything that would have popular appeal.
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