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一、The phone rang.“I’d like to drop a bank draft off,” said a man,with a voice in a robotic tone.“Will you be____1____in 20 minutes?” I said yes.
The call wasn’t a(n)____2____.Twelve years ago,I was diagnosed with a disorder that causes my skin and internal organs to____3____.Basically,I’m turning to stone.I’ve been able to buy some time with expensive medicine,but the disease has____4____,and my doctors are working hard to avoid lung fibrosis (纤维症),which leads to heart____5____.
Last year,I learned about an experimental____6____in Chicago,with an 80 per cent success rate,which can____7____my stem cells,purify them and put them back into my body to____8____a clean,new immune system.My four kids started land-raising in June to____9____,in part,the $ 125,000 cost of the treatment.I assumed the____10____,who phoned on July 3,had read about our website in the local paper and wanted to give a____11____.
Ten minutes later,a middle-aged man____12____at my door.Opening the door,I found he was tall and wore a white golf cap,big sunglasses and a grey spring coat.He handed me a long white____13____.I said,“God bless you.” He didn’t say a word.He just smiled and walked away.I closed the door and____14____the envelope.The number on the draft made no____15____—I was sure I was reading it wrong:$ 128,000.I fell down,and the____16____brought my mom running.When she got there,I shouted,“Oh,my God
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